May 31, 2016

Protein Fix // myHi Review

All about Protein...

My weightloss so far has been mainly due to switching to filling and healthy foods, reducing the amount of processed foods in my diet and allowing myself one sweet cheat day/meal a week to indulge in anything I thought I had been missing out on. This worked really well until I fell off the wagon at Christmas and I am still trying to find my feet again.

Just lately I have come to realise how good results can be increased greatly by actually paying attention to body specific macros and in particular getting a decent chunk of protein into our day. Good amounts of protein in your diet is hugely beneficial as our bodies use it to grow and repair tissue and also our hair, nails and almost every cell in our body consisting largely of protein too. Protein is an essential building block for muscles, skin, cartilage and even blood. Unlike fat and carbohydrates, we don't store protein in our bodies, so if our supplies run low we have nowhere to draw it from which can lead to all kinds of problems.

From a weight loss point of view, protein is important as it helps us feel fuller for fewer calories than most carb based foods, it helps curb those highs and lows of carbs which can make us feel poorly. Protein also requires more energy to burn it off, meaning we burn more calories to process it than other food groups, as well as promoting muscle repair and fuelling fat burning. Protein is ace!

It is however pretty hard to find higher protein snacks and easy meals without having to be super prepared in advance. I think preperation is the key to succesfully losing weight and getting healthy but some days you just want to grab a quick snack or meal and if it's protein you are after, then like me you probably get sick of settling for a cheap pack of ham to keep you topped up!

Meet MyHI

I was recently asked to trial a selection of 'high protein' convenience foods from new brand MyHi, you can read all about them on their website. I was really excited to try the products and especially excited to find high protein foods that didn't take a full night of prepping!

My initial thoughts were that as we usually prepare food from scratch it would be odd having so much packet foods, particularly the snack options like crisps that I normally desperately try and resist. I struggle to resist them though, so maybe a higher protein version could be a happy medium?

When the products arrived, I got to work having a look through and I was excited to see low carb spaghetti and some tasty looking waffle snacks.

I showed my husband one packet and he immediately said 'it's not exactly high protein'. I pointed out that although gram for gram it maybe wasn't high exactly, but it was high for a packet of crisps, which I think is essentially the point.  As I had cut crisps out my diet, I was a little reluctant to reintroduce them now but the chilli waffle crisps turned out to be my favourite product of the lot.

5 Reasons to choose myHi

• High protein foods, with at least 20% protein content.

• Emphasis is on appetising meal options for any time of the day – high protein made simple!

• Carefully balanced macronutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fats.

• There is no compromise on taste.

 myHi have developed a wide range of appealing snacks & drinks to cater for busy lifestyles & have many more exciting products in the pipeline!

The Food!

Among the products we were sent, was a huge selection of items suitable for meals throughout the day as well as snacks and even drinks. Increasing protein at all these points would make achieving those macros a lot easier and avoid those dangerous slips into bad habits.

I was interested to see products like soup with boosted protein, my only hope being that they didn't taste like protein powder. We were sent a huge range of products to try from breakfast bars, snacks and bolognese sauce, there seemed to be a big selection at least.

What we thought of MyHi...

Of all the products my absolute favourite was the snacks. The crisps and cereal bars were really tasty and it was good to know they had that bit of extra 'magic' compared to regular brands. 

I wasn't hugely keen on the larger meal items, I much prefer cooking from scratch but as we do occasionally want a quick fix and sometimes that means grabbing something unhealthy, It would probably be worth keeping some of these in stock to stay a little more on track without too much prep.

I think it depends what you eat already but for me switching to these completely would be going back a little in my habits, but using a few products as and when for back up meals and snacks would be perfect.

If you'd like to find out more about myHi or purchase any of their high protein products, you can head over to their website If you want a prep free, quick grab meal or snack I would certainly give these a try.

Disclosure: We were sent samples in 
exchange for an honest review.

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