May 29, 2016

Intro: 30 Days Of Gravitate Nutrition // Weight Loss

Weight Loss With Gravitate 

I have struggled big time to get back on track with my health quest, for the whole of this year. After losing a really good amount of weight (around 5 stone) and getting so much healthier, I have slowly slipped into bad habits and I really need to switch it around before I pile the weight back on. Why on earth is this so difficult it's just food?

I've recently joined back at a local slimming group so I will have an official weekly weigh in which will hopefully keep me focused, but as well as this I have been asked to trial a weight loss supplement from Gravitate Nutrition. I know your first thought may be 'uh oh diet pills', but these are completely natural and I have of course read up on them well before taking this on. These pills have also recently made it to the top five approved diet pills list for 2016.

The Supersculpt element claims to suppress appetite, reduce hunger, slow down carb and sugar absorbtion and reduce snacking cravings. The Dietvits claim to enhance insulin levels, increase metabolism, help with fat burning and again suppress appetite. Both taken together alongside a healthy diet should give me an extra boost for the next 30 days.

I'm hoping the incentive of giving these a fair trial and potentially being a bit more comfortable for Summer will be enough to snap me out of my current ways and kick start my motivation.

I received my package from Gravitate Nutrition today and I am really excited to get started. I simply take one supplement three times a day with a glass of water, alongside a reasonably healthy diet and hopefully, Bob's your uncle. I'll be taking pictures to document my progress throughout and I really hope that in a months time when I post my results and review, that I will have a noticeable transformation both visually, mentally and physically.

30 Day Challenge - GO!

Disclosure: I was sent the products to trial in exchange for an honest review. All words and images are my own.