May 10, 2016

My Happy Days List

Happy days!

It's been a pretty fun week and the sunshine just makes everything better! Today we had lot's of rain and I instantly felt the mood drop, so I thought it was perfect timing to reflect on our week of heat and smiles and write my happy list. It's good to think about the positives instead of dwelling on the negative, which is why I love writing this each week. 

This week's happy moments

  • Finding some amazing charity shop bargains for Soph and me. Soph is Peppa Pig mad and I managed to get a dress and two hoodies for just 50p each! 

  • Rediscovering Trio bars in Asda, I loved them as a kid! Do you remember those? We always had them at my Nanna's house so they really brought back some memories.

  • Having a fun family day at the local wildlife park. I loved seeing their rescued tigers and feeding the adorable otters! The kids had a whale of a time and behaved impecibly which was pretty amazing in itself!

  • Seeing the kids play with their cousins nicely. My two and my brother's three having a crazy garden afternoon and playing so nicely. No tears, no squabbles just cute singing and fun.

  • Soph's first little ponytail - she won't let me do it yet but will let my 9 year old niece! It really made me want to cry, she just looked so sweet and grown up.

  • Delicious food - BBQ meat and salted caramel GU pudding on cheat night in particular! I've never tried GU puddings before and I am a total convert now it was the nicest sweet treat ever! BBQ food is the best too and so good when you are trying to eat a bit healthier.

  • Losing 1 pound on the scales, 57 to go! Really feeling it in this heat and wishing I had tried harder over winter. I hate summer clothes and feeling so uncomfortable but another pound gone which is great.

  • Gorgeous weather. I love the sunshine and the only thing that could make it better would be if we lived by the sea!

  • Having fun taking and editing photos. I'm really enjoying taking photos and having a decent camera. My laptop is next for an upgrade as it's so slow and hopeless but I can get by for now and am really enjoying it.

  • Making a start on the garden for the kids. I even did a spot of concreting to make the floor a bit safer and nicer to look at! Alf has loved planting seeds and choosing a plant with his pocket money. It's looking better already.

Have a great week!

What Katy Said


  1. I don't know if I have ever had a Trio! Am I missing out? Let's hope the sunshine stays around for a few months, my mood always lifts with it too. Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

  2. Salted caramel, mmmmmm! I love BBQs, as soon as the sun comes out we crack out the barbie! Soph's little pout is so cute. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x