May 24, 2016

Toys From Our Childhood

Happy Memories...

Last week I found a gorgeous little 80's Popple handbag in the charity shop for just 20p, which my daughter adores. I loved my Popples back in the day and it got me to thinking about all those other favourite toys and collections from my childhood.

For me, my favourites were the Popples and my Sylvanian families as well as my Cabbage Patch Kid and My Pet Monster - classic toys and so so many happy memories! I don't know where they are now, but I'd love it if they resurfaced some day. As well as my favourite toys I loved collecting Tazos, Pogs and more bizarrely the Euro '96 coins! I wasn't even a football fan...

I asked some other bloggers about their favourite childhood toys and if they know what happened to them. I had forgotten about some of these treasures and it made me so happy looking at the pictures! Here are some of my favourites;

Blogger Favourites...

Mine was my cabbage patch kid dolls. I had one to start which although came with a name I called her Teresa. I loved her so much. Then my mum got me another who I called Samantha. They would come everywhere with me. Then I got a third, a boy doll. I was so excited - I had never seen a boy doll ever and it was such a shock but a good one. All three are in my attic waiting to come down and be played with again.
Michelle -

I used to play with my dolls all the time. I had a wooden high chair and a pushchair that looked like a deckchair.I loved to feed my dolls and take them for a walk. My mum kept them and now my girls play with them when they visit.
Laura -

I loved my Fisher Price telephone - you know the one you see on Toy Story? My parents still have it, and now my children play with it when they go to their house.
Kate -

One of my top gifts I remember was a sticker factory, it was amazing! You could turn any picture into a sticker. My room was covered! I always wanted a dream phone but was never allowed.
Helen -

I used to love playing with my Star Wars figures - I had loads of characters, space ships, play sets etc. They're still in my folks' attic now and I hope L will get the chance to play with them when she's older (unless they sell them!).
Dave -

I loved Polly pockets! I used to love wearing them around my neck. I don't know what happened to them.
Rachel -

I used to love Polly Pocket toys, we had a dolls house and a fab little money box which I think was also a toy.. Can't remember exactly now but it was ace! 
Emma -

We had boglins... I got them out of the loft for my son who was not impressed by this weird creature thing you put on your hand. I on the other hand loved him and keep him in my wardrobe as he's such a dude.

I was totally in love with my Magic Diary (computer diary) . I felt so grown up!
Kate -

I loved my Tiny Tears doll! I liked making her pee. My mum used to spend a fortune on premature baby nappies for me to put on her and my Nanny knitted lots of beautiful outfits for her, including a school uniform when I decided she was old enough to go to school!
Sian -

I had quite a few that I just had to get for my girls to they could love it too! My Barbie house was amazing (so I got them the princess castle) and I really loved Polly in my pocket too! (That's the next thing on my list to get the girls!!)
Jade -

From a males perspective. My mighty max toys where by far my favourite. Used to take them everywhere. Still miss them to this day haha. I suppose it was the males version of Polly pockets?
Rich -

I loved my Keepers swan! No idea what happened to it, it was probably passed onto both my sisters but I have a feeling it was probably sold on at a car boot sale!
Elaine -

I had Pound Puppies, a big mummy dog with three small puppies that went in a Velcro pouch in her tummy. I still have one of the small puppies but I think the rest all got car booted. Maybe that's why I became an antenatal teacher!
Lauren -

When I was really little I had a 'big yellow teapot' that I loved, I get all nostalgic if I ever see a photo of one now!

I'm old enough that Sindy dolls were 'the' dolls to have, not Barbie dolls. I had all the house furniture, loads of outfits and shoes and a Sindy horse too. Loved spending hours playing with it all.
Mary -

That Keepers swan! I bought one for Marianna already (thanks ebay!). My choice would be trolls though. I had a huge collection of them and built them a cardboard box village under my bed. My favourite trolls lived in a campervan I made for them out of a tip-top box. It was so terrible, but I was really proud of it, especially as my mum told me there was no way she was getting me the barbie one for trolls. 
Jessica -

Puppy in my Pocket and my big yellow teapot. I wish I had kept them, no idea where they all went.
Ally -

I loved my Fisher Price cassette player!
Emma -

My Fisher Price skates and when I was about nine it was my Tomytronic - OMG I was obsessed with it!!
Yinka -

(and my Favourite comment ...)

Mine was a (really quite creepy) rubber doll that used to be my mum's. I called her Gretel after Hansel and Gretel. Once on holiday I thought I'd left her on the beach and a massive search party ensued. She was in the tent the whole time, oops! Now, it is at my parent's house and has degraded and is incredibly sticky - my girls now love it for some reason, and call it "Sticky Baby" and like putting it on people's seats and in cupboards ready to fall out on them 😂 I can give you a picture if you like, it's truly hideous.
Becky -

Do we want to see a picture? YES! Here is 'Sticky baby' in all her gory glory...

I have absolutely loved reminiscing about our old favourites and I hope you have too. What were your favourite toys and where are they now? 


  1. This is such a great post thanks so much for reminding me of all those retro toys. Keepers?! I had totally forgotten them. They used to smell so funny and plasticy. Was there a cartoon that went with them? Or have I imagined that? Thanks for sharing 'Sticky Baby' too, I'm so glad to spread the joy/horror! xx

    1. Haha! Sticky baby will have her name in lights in no time! I'm not sure about a Keepers cartoon, I will have to have a look! I can't really remember much then I see a picture and it all starts flooding back! Loved my Keepers too xx

  2. Love this! But I don't love the fact that I've looked at that photo of sticky baby right before going to bed - so creepy, haha! x

    1. Eek I know, poor sticky baby :) just keep the curtains closed and don't answer the door! xx

  3. I love this! It's great going back over old memories of your toys. Xx

    1. Thank you, I loved this one I just wish I still had all the toys! xx

  4. Aw, poor Sticky Baby! Definitely good for creeping people out with though, so many people are scared of dolls anyway. Loved this post! :)

  5. Aww sticky baby!
    Haha children always like the funniest looking dolls I think!
    I really recognise that teapot. :/ I remember so many of these toys! Pound puppies!! I SO had them! And Cabbage Patch dolls, remember they came with a birth certificate! Also, Polly Pockets! Yes! I had the coolest one that was like a rainforest! It. Was. Amazing.

    So nice to remember all these toys! :)
    Sarah xxx

  6. I love a bit of nostalgia! I used to carry that Fisher Price cassette player around with me everywhere, and used to record random snippets of conversation. For some reason I loved listening to that tape! I don't know what happened to it though. I still have my childhood doll, complete with amazing 80's hair! She's quite freaky really...although not on the same level as Sticky Baby! #FriYAYlinky

  7. I can't believe we wrote such a similar post on the same week without even knowing!! How very bizarre! I really enjoyed a trip down memory lane - glad you did too! X