May 20, 2016

Think Before You Flush

Think Before You Flush & The 3 P Promise

As somebody that hates littering with a passion and is also head over heels in love with the ocean and our beaches, I was shocked to hear some of the things that get flushed here that not only congest our own sewers but wash up on beaches and flood homes with dirty water costing homeowners hefty amounts in repairs.

When I heard about the 'Think Before You Flush' campaign from United Utilities and their #3PPromise idea, I just knew I'd have to help spread the word of not only their research and figures but also their fun parent packs available on the website.

The main emphasis of this campaign is simple, the 3P's. Poo, pee and (toilet) paper can be flushed, but anything else - ANYTHING needs to be bagged or binned with your usual waste to avoid these blockages and damage occurring.

think before you flush

I was totally shocked to hear that even some of the toddler wipes that say 'flushable' on the packets still cause problems in our water systems blocking our pipes - so I will no longer be sending those down the porcelain potty! These problems are not just in the distance, but could occur in your very own home meaning you could soon have a very 'messy' situation on your hands and join the other 10% of people that have to call in a pricey plumber, to fix your flushing faux pas.

Although parents tend to be most guilty for the wipe flushing offences, according to the research from United Utilities our little ones are adding to the problem with these flushed favourites;

  • Cardboard middle of the loo roll – 37%
  • Toys – 17%
  • Bars of soap – 17%
  • Food – 15%
  • Lego – 12%
  • Money – 6%
  • Clothing – 5%
  • Keys – 3%
  • Jewellery 2%

You know when things just go 'missing'? Well now we know where they got to! I for one have rescued many things that my two children have sent off swimming, especially toilet roll tubes.

The main problem with all kinds of wet wipes being flushed is that as a nation we spend a whopping £500 million a year on wipes to keep our homes and children clean. It isn't the fact that we are buying these wipes that's the problem, but it's the way we are disposing of them that's the issue with a massive 50% increase of wipes washing up on our beaches last year and over £10 million of repairs paid out by the water board to fix blockages, largely caused by those dastardly wipes.

On average, we use upwards of 1500 wipes per child up to the age of three and if you ever flush them, please think again! I know I wouldn't want a £100+ bill to have our pipes sorted, so I'll be so much more careful now. 

You can find out all about the research and projects from the United Utilities by clicking here, where you can also download you parent pack, play games and enter their selfie competition to win one of 30 £25 Boots vouchers!

Now please, think before you flush! 

*Written in collaboration with United Utilities

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