May 21, 2016

My Happy Days List

Sunshine, dancing & flowers...

The weeks are flying by this year and it's just bonkers that it's nearly June and our 'baby' will be two in no time at all! This week was pretty chilled out compared to the last week or so and it's been so much more fun entertaining the kids with a bit of better weather (between the rainy days) and the kids having finally caught up on sleep. Here's a few favourite moments from this week.

  • Loving drawing again and becoming totally obsessed with photographing flowers and then sketching them. It's been so relaxing and as much as I love my blog it's done me good having a few hours away from a screen to unwind.

  • I had a night out to a retro disco with some friends from my old work and had so much fun. I may just have had a few too many, but I love having the odd night out again and having fun with some of my favourite girls.

  • Alf just being Alf and his obsession with his 'special shelf' in his room where he has neat lines of things he is collecting, he's like a little old man sometimes and it's so sweet.

  • A fun family day playing tourists in uphill Lincoln, visiting the farmers market, buying the most amazing strawberries ever and watching the kids roll down grassy banks.

  • My Mum doing face swaps with Alf - hilarious.

  • Girly time with Soph at the park making her first daisy crown and watching her play and smile.

  • Fitting into a dress I've had for ages that's always been too tight.

That's all I can think of for this week, what have you been up to?

Have a great week!

What Katy Said


  1. Ahh daisy chain crowns are the best aren't they? We made our first ones a couple of weeks ago- tough when I've bitten all my nails off - oops!! Thank you for joining in #HappyDaysLinky x

  2. Yeah for fitting into your dress! Ooh I am going to get the boys to make daisy chains with me, so much fun! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x