May 31, 2016

Get 'Retro Fit' // Skates.Co.Uk Review

This is how I roll...

A lifetime ago in a county far far away, a much cooler younger me LOVED skating, was mildly obsessed with skateboards (and skateboarding boys) but my favourite of all time being those faithful quad skates, especially the classic style retro skates.

As you probably know I am mid way through a large weight loss journey, having lost just over half of my target of 121 pounds so far. As part of this I have been given the opportunity to review a few products and this is one I have been so so excited about!

I was contacted by Skates.Co.Uk to see if I would like to pick an item from their site to help with my fitness goals. I was thrilled to be asked and excited to see the huge range of skateboards, long boards, skates etc on offer.

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After a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing over the beautiful skates (yep boards are definitely out for this clumsy mama) I decided to opt for some retro style roller skates and for some reason was instantly drawn to the 'Grape' colour scheme. Maybe because my hair was the same colour at the time?

I couldn't wait for my skates to arrive! 

And here they are. Aren't they just the most beautiful and amazing skates you have ever seen in the whole entire world?!

After persuading the kids that these are Mummy's present and not their toys, I spent a few weeks admiring these on a shelf as I completely busted my pelvis and back (not related to these - I hadn't even tried them on at that point!) so I was totally fed up and very very eager to get out on my pretty purple skates.

I did wonder how I would get on, if I would still be able to do it and if I would be the laughing stock of the park, but who cares. I'm 32, I'm trying to get fit and I now possess the most beautiful roller skates known to man - I am totally winning. These retail at £49.95 from Skates and would make the perfect gift.

First roll!

I nervously took my skates to our local park and popped them on, the quality of these boots is far better than any others I have tried and they felt super sturdy! To wear, these are generously sized (maybe you want extra skating socks?) and super comfortable with a soft padded inside.

I guess skating is one of those things like riding a bike, as the moment I started it all came flooding back and I instantly had a huge smile plastered on my face! I spent as long as I could get away with going back and fourth. I went a little gingerly for fear of my bad back but this will do me no end of good in the fitness stakes and I love using them! At this point I should include a cool video of me skating, but the truth is I don't look that film worthy in them quite yet!


These skates are beautiful, comfortable, easy to wear and I think a total bargain as they really make me smile and will help me build muscle and shed the excess weight. These would be a fab present and come in a huge range of colours for everyone to enjoy. I don't think it matters what age you are, you can always go back to an old hobby and have fun. If you can lose weight and enjoy it at the same time it makes everything easier!

I love love love my skates if you hadn't already guessed and if you'd like to bag a pair for yourself, pop over to the Skates website for a browse. As well as skates like these retro beauties, you can choose from an amazing selection of skateboards, long boards and accessories. Enjoy!

Disclosure: I was sent some skates of my choice 
for review and fitness purposes.