May 13, 2016

Kid Crafts: Monster Hearts

Do monsters have hearts?

Alf was telling me ALL about monsters today and asked if we could make our own monsters. He mentioned that monsters don't have hearts (where do they get this stuff from?) so I decided to let them make monsters on some giant wooden heart hangers from The Works.

These hangers are just £1 each and I was going to use them for my own projects, but as any crafter knows they would have probably just sat there with 101 other supplies never being used, so I was more than happy to use them for craft time with my very own little monsters angels.

They got to work applying lots of glorious paint and PVA glue. Soph in true toddler style mashed hers into a nice sludge colour but covered it in googly eyes and glitter, making everything beautiful again.

Alf really takes care now and enjoys mixing colours to make colours instead of just making brown. He also opted for a large number of googly eyes like any monsters should have and once again some pretty glitter.

This kept them busy for quite some time and I love that they will sit and craft now while I sort some cleaning or other fun parent jobs.

Left to dry and the monster hearts are ready and waiting to be hung in their rooms tomorrow and they will surely scare of any real monsters that dare enter their little waffle caves! Aren't they adorable?

This was a really fun one and I love it when they make a proper 'thing' that we can hold on to and display.

The hearts are a fab resource and super cheap and they also had little boxes, giant letters and all sorts to decorate for just a pound or two.

What crafts have you been up to his week?


  1. These are beautiful so easy to do

  2. Think it's done to do try this myself

  3. these look amazing! and great gifts for grandparents!