Saturday, August 06, 2016

Alf's Summer >> Big Days With GORE-TEX®

Big Days & The Shoes For The Job From Gore-Tex® 

As you know I am trying to make this Summer lots of fun for us all, especially Alf with him starting school in September as I really want to feel we have made the most out of these last few weeks. I will miss him so much and we have had so many big days out and adventures together over the past (nearly) five years.

This past few weeks, Alf has been putting a brilliant pair of GORE-TEX® shoes through their paces. We became family ambasadors for GORE-TEX® earlier this year and were amazed by the first delivery which was a fab pair of super comfortable, well made trainers for Alf. 

Alf has a track record for destroying footwear, nothing seems to last too long unless a little more money has been spent, so we couldn't wait to try out these beauties and put them to the 'four year old boy test' during our Summer adventures. 

The main features of anything GORE-TEX® is that their products are waterproof, windproof and breathable. These trainers are intended for casual wear, they are the Tensy Surround Superfit model and I really think they are beautiful looking kids shoes and you can immediately tell how comfy they will be from the soft leather and the fact they weigh virtually nothing!

The best thing about these shoes particularly for summer is that they offer 360 degree climate comfort for your feet. This means no more sweaty hot feet on our adventures, the sole openings release warmer air away from the feet and the whole shoe is breathable. These shoes are also waterproof and provide amazing comfort and protection for little feet - Alf loves them!

We first put Alf's shoes through their paces on our adventures in Wales, where he took them cycling, walking, climbing, playing in the rain and all that fun stuff! Needless to say, they survived unscathed, we had no soggy socks from sweat or rain and according to Alf they also make him run super fast (though I'm not sure this is guaranteed but made me laugh).

Wading through soggy grass, playing with his sister and lots more, days of fun and his new shoes lived up to our expectations looking great and keeping his feet comfy and dry throughout. These shoes are extremely well made, I will try to avoid buying cheap shoes again now as it just seems such a false economy when you see what these can do for not a great deal more.

Back Home

As well as the usual dog walks, shopping and trips out, Alf has been going to the local circus training that happens here each week. Tightrope walking, attempting to unicycle, hula hooping and stilt walking, you name it he has tried it and his shoes have been great for grip and balance.

This week we took Alf and his shoes on another big day to the seaside where he walked excitedly along the sand, built sandcastles and splashed in puddles. We had the best day and I love that we have found shoes for Alf that stand up to the job of keeping his feet warm, dry and comfy whilst surviving all the things four year old boys put their shoes through.

Alf can confidently and quickly take these on and off with the simple velcro straps and I love that despite his foot dragging and lack of regard for his shoes, these have remained looking great without scuffs, loose soles or any real signs of wear.

Our big days have been so much fun so far and I can more than recommend these shoes for busy kids. Next up we will be trying out a pair for Sophie, a huge fan of shoes and as much as she plays the beautiful princess, she is equally as adventurous and outdoor loving as her big brother!

As family ambassadors, GORE-TEX® will be seeing us through our big days this year and supporting us (and our feet!) on our adventures. So far, I am really impressed with the brand and the fact they provide everything they say they will, with style and affordability.

I can't wait for some more big days and Summer adventures!