Monday, August 08, 2016

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Our bedroom

After having two children, we are used to having cribs, cots, clothes, muslin cloths, nappies and all sorts strewn around our bedroom, leaving little space for relaxation and feeling like we don't really have a grown up 'zone' to have to ourselves.

Now Soph is two and both kids sleep (mostly) in their own rooms, we are finally taking the step of sorting our bedroom out and making it that little bit more adult and luxurious, so we can really relax at bed time and have our little bit of peaceful space, just for us.

I have a good idea of the colours and styles that I like, so it now just really comes down to budget and finding the perfect selection to make my dream bedroom complete.

The Furniture

I love duck egg blue, so the bedroom set above would be perfect for me, providing ample storage and fitting in perfectly with my favourite colour scheme - (duck egg/grey/mustard). We always have a chair in our bedroom and quite often this does get used to store outfits for the next day, but I just love having one for sitting to put shoes or for the rare occasion I get to read a magazine in peace. Wow I sound old!

This modern dressing table ties in well with the bedroom set and I just adore the colour and style. It's so simple, but enough of a feature to confidently fill our chimney breast in the bedroom. We have an awkward terraced house so it can be quite tricky to find furniture nice and neat enough to fit in the nooks, this would work perfectly.

The Bed

The bed is obviously the most important part and purchase of the bedroom. The bed needs to be comfortable and look good as it is the main focal point of the room taking up the largest space as well as being my most favourite place.

I love this grey Kingsley bed, it's so simple meaning that I could dress it up with beautiful bedding and cushions. We no longer need quite the storage space of our old rocky divan, so I'd love to upgrade to something like this from Robson Furniture. Isn't it perfect?


For a good few years now I have been totally in love with duck egg and mustard together and I think these colours work really well with the grey too. I will definitely feature these colours in our bedroom as well as a mish mash of textures and patterns. I do love the minimalist look, but it just isn't for me and I much prefer having splashes of colour, ample storage and lots of interesting shapes to look at.

The accessories are really important as they will tie the room together, but also mean the room can be changed in appearance pretty swiftly at any time, should my love of mustard ever fade.

I'm still a little obsessed with chevron patterns and these mustard cushions would look great popping out against the plain grey of the chair and bed. With a large plain flat white ceiling, we can afford to go big and bold with our lighting and as I have always been a paper shade fan, this mustard fold shade really does it for me, I'd love to lay in bed looking up at that.

On a plainer wall I love the idea of mismatched items. We have done hanging hearts and unmatched picture frames to death so I'd love something like this selection of round mirrors, as it looks really fun but would also reflect a bit of light back into the room.

We want to have a striking feature wall in our room too. At the moment, we just have one duck egg wall but I'd love to wallpaper the mirrored wall with something like this geometric paper that ties in all the colours. Another lighting idea would be a cluster like like this blue selection (5). We have two light fittings in our room as it is quite a large one so I think I may even get away with two different ceiling features, one lighting up the bed area and one for the dressing area.

This is the kind of thing I am hoping to achieve in our bedroom and I can't wait to get started. What would your dream bedroom look like?

*Collaborative post