Friday, August 05, 2016

When Soph Turned Two...

Where did the last two years go?

A little while ago you may have seen me mention on the blog that Soph was having a birthday. Well we have had her celebrations, given her a special day, a few gifts and now my baby girl is two years old.

I have no idea where the time has gone and she is just such a feisty clever little girl I am so proud of her as well as her amazing big brother Alf who just adores the bones off her.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of her birthday and show what fun she had. It feels so strange not having a tiny baby around any more but I am loving watching her grow up and see the relationship between her and Alf which is the typical love/hate sibling set up, with cuddles, scraps and laughter.

First was the birthday morning. Adam had to go to work so we were up bright and early at 6am for presents and cake! We popped Soph's presents in her favourite teepee ( from Myweeteepee) along with her special birthday balloons to make it that little bit more exciting!

Her little face when she saw it was just amazing. Here she is when she saw her new scooter and dolly all wrapped up!

Alf was so excited to buy Soph a present and had wrapped it himself along with a handmade card. I thought he would be a little jealous of all the attention, but actually he was just so happy for her and very eager to make it all special!

We have a much loved family tradition of cake for breakfast on our birthdays, this usually happens in our big bed, we all climb in and bring up plates and drinks for a morning treat but as Adam was off to work and it was SO early, we did it all downstairs in one go. Unfortunately I lost her candles so she had the number 5 I had put away for Alf! She didn't care, she just wanted to blow out a candle.

Her cake was a Minion tray bake which she devoured and asked for more 'mingming' cake for about a week after!

We all LOVE cake in our family.

Later in the day we went to a local animal play place to get some fresh air, feed some animals and let Soph loose in a giant sand pit. My Mum kindly took our photos so I have a few keepers of me with the kids which I love.

The biggest hit of the day was Nanna's gift of Sylvanian figures and houses! Both kids have been obsessed with them since and as it was my favourite as a child I have really enjoyed seeing them play with it. Alf loves to set up proper little scenes, whereas Soph seems to enjoy making the animals shout at eachother! I think Sylvanians will feature heavily now in our house, they are such a classic toy.

The next day there was a family day in the local park with bands playing. When Soph walked in she said "Yay my birthday party!". I didn't tell her any different and she seemed so happy that hundreds of people had come to dance, play music and have fun.

Both kids loved the giant bubble section and it was amazing seeing Alfie pick it up straight away! I've never seen bubbles so big!

We had the most perfect family birthday over the week and went on to celebrate the next week with other family members and more lovely gifts for our beautiful girl.

I can't believe Soph is two already and we are so lucky to have her. Happy birthday Princess Soph!