Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Happy Days List >> Swords, Sunshine & Cream Cake

This weeks dose of happy...

I'm loving summer and having no plans, nowhere to be and lots of unlimited cuddles with my two beautiful babes. We've had another fun week of the Summer holidays, here's our happy moments.

  • Family time in the woods.
  • A lovely friends baby shower, getting to hold a 4 month old baby of another friend and seeing so many smiles.
  • Taking beautiful photographs. I really need a refresher as to how to use my camera properly to get the best out of it but my pictures are improving (I think!).
  • Finally have all the school uniform ready for September.
  • An almost too funny evening out with friends.
  • Perfecting my makeup skills after a course I did recently, it looks SO much better.
  • The kids getting along better after months of squabbles.
  • Reaching 130 on the Tots 100 (out of 9000) - probably a massive fluke but I'm glad to have done it at least.
  • My blog growing and I'm still loving every second of it.
  • A big cream bun with icing on for my cheat meal pudding - amazing!
Have a good week!

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