Friday, August 12, 2016

Fun With Spot >> Book Review & Giveaway

Everyone loves Spot!

As a child I loved Spot, he was our favourite book pup and brings back lots of lovely memories. Both our children love books now too and it has been so lovely to introduce them to some of our childhood favorites, especially Spot! 

We must have read Spot's Christmas at least 6 billion times and I'm so glad our collection is now growing.

There's something about the simplicity of the characters and lift the flap books that makes Spot something special, with a certain old school charm.

Eric Hill’s lovable puppy has been an integral part of early childhood for many of us since he first appeared in the 1980's classic 'Where’s Spot?' - Do you remember that one? Spot is truly loved worldwide and his adventures have now been published in over 50 languages, selling over 60 million books. Everyone has a soft 'spot' for this pup!

Spot is having a bit of time in the spotlight at the moment, with the launch of a new app later this month (which we can't wait to try), as well as his new website, which is packed full of fun with information on the Author, the books themselves and lots great of things for young fans to explore.

We were recently sent a copy of a Spot book that we haven't read - 'Spot Goes To The Farm'. The kids were so excited by it's arrival, especially as it came with a cute bag and Spot puppet!

If you've not read it, this book takes Spot on an adventure to the farm with his Dad, throughout which your little ones can lift the flaps in the book to see what animals they have found, helping them with animal noises, words and a little suspense as to the outcome of the story.

At the end there is a nice little twist as Spot makes a cute discovery on the farm, much to his Dad's surprise.

Both children have loved this book and it's definitely a new favourite for us. I love having short sweet books that are enjoyed every single time and this is definitely one of those books.

If you'd like to win  copy of this book for yourself, please enter my giveaway below. 

For more fun and games with spot, you can visit his website. Enjoy!

UK giveaway only. Competition advertised on Prizefinder and U Me & The Kids