Saturday, August 06, 2016

Photography >> The Woody Family Walk

Photos of a family wood walk

We are lucky to have a bit more family time lately and sometimes you just have the most beautiful day and really feel so lucky. This was one of those days and I tried to capture the fun in a few photos of our day in the woods. 

Here is our family woody walk with the kids and Peg the dog from a little while back. This walk was special as it was such a nice day, we picked fresh raspberries growing in the forest, paddled in a stream, collected pine cones, had a picnic and all that magical fun stuff.

Soph got soaked in the river so had a swift outfit change into a dress made from my bolero. Peg played the part of 'dog' very well swimming in the river and splashing happily after her ball shaking the water off her coat. Alf had a full forest adventure. We smiled at our babies having fun and I loved paddling in the stream like a child best of all.

Happy days.