Monday, August 15, 2016

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The ultimate scan...

I was never too sure how comfortable I was with actually having a 4D scan. The pictures sometimes look a little too real and I wondered if this would be a good or a bad thing. Did I want any surprises ruined? Would I worry if I thought something didn't look quite 'right'?

When we found out we were expecting a second baby, I just knew that I would love to have a 4D scan. I hadn't done it first time round for two main reasons - cost and fear.

Second time round though, I knew this could possibly be our last pregnancy and it was a bit of a now or never situation in which I opted to jump in and give it a go, I was stupidly excited and stupidly terrified in equal measures.

We opted for a mid range package that I had for my birthday treat, it was around £120. We heard they were very child friendly, so we took Alf (nearly 3 at the time) along on the day. Alf had been talking to my bump for 20 odd weeks since we found out, so it only seemed fair for him to meet his new sibling too. The hospital scan had told us we were having a girl, but I needed to see her in all her glory to really believe it was true! We only ever thought we would have boys, so we were really excited.

When we entered for our appointment, the guy running the scans was totally bonkers but pretty happy and calming. Alf was so happy and we were soon able to see our baby girl, his tiny sister on the big screen and watch her wriggle and squirm. We were finally able to have a long and relaxing scan where we could ask to look at fingers, toes, ask a million questions and the best part - switch to 4D mode and get a sneak peak of what our baby may look like. Here is just one, but there are better ones that really look like Soph when she was born.

We were given a fair few pictures as well as a video of our baby and you could see all her little features, tiny fingers, toes and just enough detail to make the whole thing breath taking, without spoiling the surprise. As well as a sneak preview, I loved having the conformation that we were having a girl before we commit to buying up too much girly bits, we were so happy and Alf loved watching her squirm around.

To me our scan was well worth the money, it wasn't scary, it didn't ruin anything for the big day and it was just one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. I'm so glad we took the plunge.

Would you have a 4D scan?