Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Photography >> The Asylum Steam Punk Festival Lincoln

The Asylum Steampunk Festival

For the last couple of years we have been fascinated by the arrival of the steampunk festival to our city.

This year we just caught the first day where everything was being set up and the weird and wonderful sights of steampunk popped up on every corner.

Charity shops adorn their windows with steampunk bargains, high street stores fill their windows with things to celebrate the festival. Shops like LUSH had staff dressed in full steampunk gear sharing out samples in town - it's brilliant.

I tried to get a few pictures, but as usual in the week I had my own little punks in tow, so it was a quick snap here and there as to not bore them too much, though Alf loved looking for 'time travellers' and even got to try on some gear from a friendly visitor.

Here's my photos from the day. I was hoping to get back over the weekend for more but we couldn't make it in the end. Enjoy!

When we got home Alf raided his dress up gear for something steampunk, he didn't quite have the right things but he looked super cute trying! Next year we want to dress up properly and enjoy the whole weekend there.