Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Home From Home

With September looming and us newer parents welling up getting our little ones getting ready for school, the not so little ones will be heading off to start their real life adventures as students - how on earth will I ever cope with that?!

I think a good thing you can do to help prepare them is to make sure your kids are well equipped when they go off to uni, with a few home comforts and all the utensils required to cook healthy meals and a few things to brighten up those dreary dorms and make them feel more at home and settled.

It's a huge step that first move away from home and I think it's so important to make it as smooth and happy a transition as possible. Popping out to fetch a few special things to adorn the uni space will really get your teens in the mood for the big move and help build up that excitement.

Aldi have a new range of student Special Buys out from the 1st of September, both in store and online. We were given a special review sample set from this range and as always, we were blown away at the amazing value and range available. You can see some of my favourites above!


For a cosy bedroom, Aldi will be stocked with duvet and pillow sets for just £14.99, Super soft pom pom blankets (£8.99) with matching cushions (£4.99) a mini vacuum cleaner to keep things fresh (£29.99) and fab novelty cushions for just £4,99 - the 'Check Meowt' one is a must! There is even a mini fridge which would have been a dream come true in my uni days - nothing worse than people stealing your food! Having your own little fridge in your room is such a great idea.


There's no excuse to eat like a 'student', in fact it's really the best time to learn to cook for yourself, keep energised for those busy days and nights out with healthy filling meals. Aldi will be fully stocked with everything our students could possibly need from pans, mugs, bowls, scoops, cutlery - you name it, it's covered.

My absolute favourite from this range in the kitchen is the stacking sets, especially the rocket themed crockery, just how amazing are these bad boys and just £4.99 too.
If you want to see more from the range, you can pop in store or online at from the 1st of September - enjoy!