Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil >> Review

Jojoba + Skin/Hair = Ooh!

I'm more than a little obsessed with skincare. I think since turning 30 I have become just that little bit more aware of the ageing process as the years plummet by and anything I can do to slow it down, cover it up or make things just look and feel that bit better, I'm all for.

I was contacted recently to try a product from Eden's Semilla, their 100% pure organic Jojoba oil. I've heard of jojoba before but never been aware particularly of its qualities or purpose. I was really keen to try this as me and Adam both love Argan oil (he uses it as beard oil) and I hoped I would love this too.

Jojoba oil is meant to be a natural, organic moisturiser that brings out the skins radiance as well as smoothing hair and strengthening nails, providing round the clock protection. This oil from Eden's Semilla is currently on sale at £10, with a regular price of £16.95.

The oil comes bottled and boxed with a dropper top inserted and a separate medicine style dropper included. I prefer the flat top that comes with it as it just comes out in tiny droplets and avoids wasted product. The oil itself is pretty much clear and suitable for use all over the body.

As well as moisturising my face at least once daily, I do love to do a weekly hair treatment to try and keep my dry damaged hair in check. This goes on really smoothly, is pretty easy to wash out compared to other oils and leaves hair silky soft and shiny, without leaving excess grease. I think my favourite thing about this is that it is far less greasy to use than other similar products and doesn't feel as heavy yet does the job really well.

I love using this oil on my face and when I compare it to Argan oil, I much prefer this as it feels less greasy on the skin, it seems to absorb better, feel lighter and leave the skin more radiant without excess shine or residue.

I would really recommend this product for anyone wanting an alternative natural moisturiser for any areas of skin or hair, it has been great for me!

You can read all about Eden's Semilla on their website and purchase the oil direct or through Amazon.