Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Drumond Park - Barbecue Party >> Review & Giveaway

Summer BBQ Fun 

We are absolutely LOVING summer with the warmer weather, beach days and extra time for our family adventures. One of my favourite things of all about this time of year has to be the fact it's officially BBQ season, my all time favourite kind of meal (aside from pizza of course) and even the kids love it. Everything tastes better on a BBQ - fact.

To give the kids even more BBQ fun, we were delighted to be sent the brilliant Barbecue Party Game from Drumond Park. As part of their reviewer panel, we have already played, reviewed and run giveaways for great games such as Og on the bog, LOGO best of British and Don't wake Dad.

Barbecue party is a super fun game for 2 to 4 players aimed at players aged 3 and upwards. The age is spot on as Soph (2) loves playing with this, she doesn't yet completely understand the concept of this kind of thing but loves to use the tongs to move food around and make herself 'dinner'.

Me and Alf have played this so many times now and had great fun. The game itself is very easy. you each take a card and if the food item on your card is on the grill already then you take it off using the tongs and place it on your card. If it's not already there then you have to add it onto the grill. If the grill gets too overloaded it will leap itself into the air making everyone jump and laugh. To win the game you need to collect 3 cards along with the corresponding foods, though if there are only a couple of players you can increase that number for a longer play session.

The only set up this game needed was to stick the eye stickers on the food which Alf enjoyed helping me with. The BBQ unit itself doesn't require any batteries so it can be played with at any time for a quick burst of fun. For playing with Soph, I tend to just let her play act a BBQ or ask her to make me a certain dinner. The tongs are really good for fine motor skills so I have enjoyed watching her improve at picking up the foods and she regularly asks to get this out too.

This game retails at £19.99 (currently on offer - affiliate link below)  and is a great little game for any budding cooks, food or fun lovers. This would be a nice little gift and perfect for summer time as maybe an aid to keep kids away from the real BBQ while they await their meal. For full details you can find out more on the Drumond Park website.

Drumond Park have kindly also offered another game to go to one lucky reader. Simply enter via the Gleam app below - good luck!

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