Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Painting Fun >> Johnson's Messy Play Challenge

Messy Play Time

I love a bit of messy play with the little ones, especially when they were just sitting up and you could watch their faces light up as they explored new textures, shapes and even flavours. I try and do some every now and then to surprise Alf & Soph and with this six weeks holiday I am constantly thinking of things to keep them busy. They still enjoy it as much as ever!

This week we had a good old paint afternoon which was a little more 'hands on' than a our normal sessions, in actual fact it was a bit more feet on, legs on, face on and everything - these two love to make a mess whatever the weather so I may as well be in charge of it.

This time we were given our supplies from Johnson's, along with their newly made over baby wipes in order to take their messy play challenge and see if the wipes were up to the job of clean up after a manic paint session. Us parents are always joking about how we use wipes to clean everything and most of the time it is true, they are magical!

I love the design of the new packaging which has made it possible to not only open the wipes easily with one hand but also to grab just one wipe - I am terrrible for using 20 at a time if thats what I pull out, sometimes you just need to get the job done and it's so much simpler now.

I started off by filling our tuff tray with all the craft goodies we were sent. I love our tuff tray and if you don't have one you should really invest, it has been SO useful with these two from baby play, messy weaning and even now for their Lego days. Anyway, I set out the paint, prepared the kids in their overalls and we were good to go - wipes were on standby along with bath, towels and an open back door for the hosing off option should things get a bit too messy! Luckily it was a super hot day...

Getting messy!

This kids got stuck straight into painting, including the floor and themselves! Here's some snaps of the fun.

Soon enough Soph climbed in the tuff tray helping painting and getting super colourful.

Both kids painted really nicely together. I've not done painting at home for a while as Soph was a little too splashy for Alf but today it worked out really well, the did a joint painting and Soph's splashes were well received by Alf this time and meant that they got to have fun and I got a very good chance to try out the wipes to see how they would stand up to this super sticky paint on their soft skin as well as the surfaces in the house that were painted.

Clean up time!

Alf wanted to clean himself up and he did so really well! Soph let me have a wipe but soon ventured out to the garden to wash herself off in the paddling pool as it was such a hot day. I was really impressed how well these cleaned their skin without any need for scrubbing and I didn't use half as many as I normally would. Alf was able to grab a wipe without demolishing the packet too - bonus!

We really enjoyed our messy painting session and will definitely be doing it more now Soph is a little older and I can be a bit calmer about the whole clean up process. I was impressed with the new design of the packaging for the Johnson's wipes and I will definitely be buying these when I can for quick clean ups and speedy gentle nappy changes.

Disclosure: We were sent our messy play pack and wipes in exchange for this post. All thoughts and words are my own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.