Tuesday, August 02, 2016

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Best of British - how's your memory?

I LOVE board games, they are a huge part of our Christmas family get togethers and I have managed to finally get my husband to play them too, so I'm a happy bunny. There are so many out there nowadays, some classics and some brilliant soon to be classic newer games that are great fun.

Earlier in he year we reviewed a couple of games from Drumond Park which have been fab and played with again and again. As much as we have enjoyed them, they are more for children so I was delighted this time round as a review opportunity to be offered a game for us grown ups. You may have noticed this one around as the box is pretty distinctive - LOGO Best of British, a UK general knowledge game that really puts your memory to the test. Here's the blurb...

"There's so much about this wonderful country of ours that we take for granted. There's cups of tea, the weather forecast, double-decker buses, pubs on every corner, the 'national pastime' of queueing... and lollipop ladies, sandcastles, conkers, Blackpool rock, deep fried Mars Bars... Big Ben and Eros, Winston Churchill and Thunderbirds, Mr Whippy ice cream... and did we mention red phone boxes, juicy leeks, screeching bagpipes and Dennis the Menace?"

How To Play

This game can be played in teams or individuals vs individuals depending on the number of players and ages. This one is suitable for players over the age of around 12 and has some tricky questions and lots of laughs.

The  game comes with 400 cards which have of course got to be shuffled well to start with (this takes a while!) and in total there are three different types of cards; Picture cards, Pot luck cards and Common theme cards. Each player (or team) has their own chosen counter and has to work their way around. First one to the end wins! If you answer questions right on the card, you then get to travel round the board.

In each round, one player will ask a question from the card to the person on their left and if they answer incorrectly the next question is asked to the next player and so on. The person that answers correctly first gets to move to the next square of that particular colour. The aim of the game is to answer all your questions and get to the centre to answer the green question right in order to win. 

This game features 'British' questions with all sorts from music to sport. Here's an example of a few questions from our game...
  • What is the most popular fish used for fish & chips in Britain?
  • Which event gave us an extra bank holiday in 2011?
  • Which popular soft drink is said to be made in Scotland from girders?

The Verdict

The main thing I love about this game is that there is such a broad range of questions that it truly is down to luck and although being older helps in some ways, if your memory is like mine then it's not exactly an advantage. If you do have younger players though, it's good to mix the teams up in order to spread the knowledge a little and make it fairer, as they are unlikely to know as many answers as us older ones.

I really enjoy this game, it's simple, fun, easy to play and the 'OMG I know this! answer on the tip of your tongue' frustration makes for lots of laughs as a family.

We have played this a few times now and had a good mix of questions. There are so many cards it's a long old time until the same questions come up again so it doesn't get boring at all and is fairly quick to play with a proper ending unlike some board games that seem to go on forever!

This would be a great game to play for family get togethers at Christmas or to play with friends with a glass of wine, we even learnt a thing or two!

If you're looking for a fun game to play when the kids have gone to bed or as a family with older children, this one's for you. 

You can pick up this game from Amazon and read all about it on the Drumond Park website. I was kindly offered an extra game to give away to one lucky reader, so if you'd like a shot at wining this for yourself, please check out the giveaway via the Gleam app below.

The competition is open to UK entrants only (sorry!) with one game to be won.

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