Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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Cleaning With Shadazzle

I'm a little obsessed with buying cleaning products and when I was asked recently to try a product I had seen on Ideal Home called Shadazzle, I just had to take up the challenge - even if just for the name alone!

Shadazzle is the multi purpose cleaner that cleans, polishes and protects any surface. It is said to be the ultimate natural solution to clean everything, without the drawbacks of other detergents, containing no phosphates or chemicals.

Shadazzle is made from natural ingredients, it's also environmentally-friendly as it is entirely biodegradable and gentle on skin, rare for a decent cleaning product. I love that this comes in a neat little pot instead of a clonking great spray bottle so it can easily be tucked in a draw when not in use.

Shadazzle is suitable for cleaning various surfaces, such as:

  • Silverware
  • Stainless steel
  • Tiles
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Outdoor furniture
  • BBQ grills
  • Glass
  • Copper

The Shadazzle Challenge!

I quickly got to work putting Shadazzle through it's paces. As a busy family of four with pets and very little free time on our hands there is always an area or two to try something like this out on!

My initial reaction after smiling at the name was the packaging which is very striking. I could smell the products citrus scent straight away which I loved. On opening the tub you find a big sponge included as well as the product which is a little like set butter in appearance. The sponge just needs wetting and rubbing into the 'clay' to use.

Now I tried Shadazzle in a number of ways throughout the house. Firstly, I loved cleaning the bathroom with this as it smelt amazing and made everything really shiny once it was rinsed and dried. Other areas such as tiles and worktops worked really well too but I prefer this kind of scent in the bathroom as opposed to food prep areas. 

In areas such as the oven, I didn't find this to be a great deal better than my regular supermarket cleaner and not as good as my favourite oven cleaner which I picked up for only £1 but it does do the job.

I would recommend this in terms of areas that need a high shine, it seemed to work well but did need a 'buff up' to show it's true effect as with most cleaners. I wouldn't use this a great deal in the kitchen but love it in the bathroom as it needs a good rinse and on tiles it worked really well with a good wash off with the shower after, I found the need for rinsing a bit of a pain in other areas as I like cleaning done quickly. I like the sponge as it seems to take a lot of the elbow grease out without damaging surfaces.

I would be put off by the price tag if I'm honest as this is usually £19.99 - though for this bank holiday you can get two for that price. This is a good all round cleaner, I can't say I was completely blown away but it was nice to use and one pot will last pretty well as the product goes quite far. I like Shadazzle and I would definitely use it again as it's super handy and makes a change from nasty sprays. I wouldn't pay the price tag unfortunately though, as for me it's that little bit too steep for a cleaning product.

You can find out more about Shadazzle and purchase on the Ideal Home website.

Disclosure: I was sent Shadazzle for review purposes. All thoughts and words are my own.