Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun With Bob - Fisher Price RC Scoop // Mash & Mould Playset >> Review

Bob the builder's new toys!

When Alf was just a baby, he inherited his cousins much loved Bob the Builder toys which were from the original Bob series years ago. His favourite of all has been a little Scoop backhoe loader toy that flashes and made sounds.

Since the release of the new Bob series last year, Alf has really enjoyed watching the new Bob and I must say after the initial shock at his makeover it is so much better. Alf loves all things mighty machines and has done since he was a baby so it came as no surprise when he also became a fan of Bob, building sites and all that fun stuff.

You may have seen the recent giant sand sculpture at Beach East? If not you can see a picture below. Alf really wanted to go and see it but unfortunately we haven't been able to make it.

Luckily for us, we aren't completely missing out as we were asked to review a couple of toys from the new Fisher Price Bob the Builder range and I couldn't wait to see Alf's reaction, especially when he was a bigger better version of his much loved and slightly tired looking Scoop.

The toys we were sent to review were the R/C Scoop toy, as well as a Mash & Mould playset. 

Fisher Price R/C Scoop

The remote control scoop brings the character to life with fun sounds, loud noises, fun phrases and best of all his great range of movements. The remote control is free from wires which is perfect for easy play, with big simple buttons that are clearly marked for their purpose.

The remote control makes Scoop go forwards and backwards, move his back bucket as well as helping him perform his show stopping trick which is basically a handstand on his front bucket scoop! This trick amazed the kids and Alf has loved showing it off to everyone that would listen.

I love the simple controls, they are easy enough for two year old Soph to master, but also for Alf to whizz around at ease. Scoop moves at a pretty good speed considering his size and it doesn't seem to use up a great deal of battery as this has been played with non stop and has no signs of slowing or quietening down whatsoever as yet.

Volume wise, this is pretty noisy but I didn't find it irritating at all. I would perhaps like the option of a lower volume at times, but it is one of the better toys in terms of sounds and the kids love it, so it's all good. Unlike some remote control toys, this can be used manually without risk of breaking the mechanisms so kids can push scoop around on his wheels and move his scoop by hand to play and dig. I love this as it means it can still be played with should the batteries run out without just being sat waiting for new ones.

Scoop comes with batteries already in place so we just had to add a couple to the remote control before use, otherwise he was good to go.

Scoop retails at around £39.99 from stores such as Argos and for ages 3 and up (though unofficially I think from two is perfect) and this gets big thumbs up from us. It's simple to use, fun to play with and is incredibly well made.

Mash & Mould Construction Site Playset

If you too have a budding builder at home they will absolutely adore this play set. This set includes some brilliant playsand which I have seen on TV but never played with, it's so strange but so very cool! Basically it moulds and holds shape but never dries out, allowing you to play with again and again.

This set is like a new take on 'dough' sets where you can make use of over 35 different mould shapes to create bricks, sand castles and anything the little ones can think of. Our favourite parts of all were the double sided figure that leaves foot prints in the sand, as well as the wrecking ball (he came in like a wreeeccckkiinnnggg baaallll) to play demolishion on their very own little site.

I can honestly say both kids absolutely loved this to bits! The set was easy to set up like a giant puzzle and the fact that the sand is dry and can easily be picked up or hoovered if need be means it's perfect for rainy days and we can play in the living room without me panicking about needing a new carpet. I used ours in our tuff tray to try and keep it in one place but this could easily be played at a table or on any flat surface as it won't leave marks, stains or scratches.

The plastic parts are extremely durable and well made. Some parts especially the brick maker on the crane were a little hard to get the hang off but by pulling quickly upwards the bricks fly out ready to use for construction. For this reason I felt it better for Alfs age (nearly 5) but Soph (just turned 2) played with it non stop and had a whale of a time so it's a good all rounder and perfect for mixed age siblings (advisory age is 3 plus).

These toys have brought us great fun this week, the construction set is definitely something that will come out very regularly that I'd love to add to for even more fun. The R/C Scoop is great and doesn't seem to have lost it's charm yet and makes a great addition to the building play fun.

Disclosure: We were sent the toys to review, all words and thoughts are my own. Contains affiliate links.