May 04, 2018

Adventures || Exploring Beautiful Brixham

I've been to Devon for my holidays pretty much every year since I was a baby, it truly is our second home down there and we love being near the sea more than anything. We went to Devon again early last month following our first dose of chicken pox so couldn't go out until later that week but it's a great place to relax even if you're cooped up inside a lot.

When visiting Devon, Brixham is one of our favourite places to go for a day out and we seem to discover new things every time we go. Over Easter on our visit, we had a lovely sunny day, perfect for walking along the harbour, stopping for an ice cream and of course a spot of crabbing which is our favourite thing to do down there.

I think we ended up spending around 4 hours crabbing, we just really enjoy it. We did however get to look at all the other beautiful things Brixham has to offer like rock pools, arty shops and the Golden Hind. Oh and we may have tried out the fish and chips by the harbour and some fresh seafood too, for research purposes of course!

The place we usually park in at Brixham is right by the little beach, seafood restaurant and rock pools, so it's a great starting point and means you can spend a full day walking from one end to the other having fun along the way.

There are lots of crabbing friendly spots and this time there were lots of families all gathered round their buckets, though as always we seemed to magically catch LOTS! I wonder if it's a bad thing that we attract crabs? It was so much fun though and as we heard last time we were in Devon, the bigger crabs really are in Brixham! We also found an orange crab in the rock pools, who was a lot more feisty and snappy than these usual green/yellow ones.

I love the views of the harbour and spent ages trying to get some nice pictures of the seagulls, I'm really pleased with some of my pictures this time, the gulls were really on good form for the camera.

One of my favourite things when visiting the seaside is looking at all the pretty colourful houses. I love that they are all different, stacked to make the most of the amazing views up the hillside and another thing that makes me want to get my paintbrushes out the second I get home! Brixham has so many pretty houses dotted about around the harbour and I love this picture that shows all the different shapes and sizes of the buildings and windows.

There's lots of sculptures and statues dotted around Brixham and I love the contrast of the hard bronzed metals against the soft floaty seaside behind. Brixham is packed with history and home to the Golden Hind, so it really does make an amazing day out whatever your interests.

I can't wait to go back! Have you visited Brixham before?

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