May 26, 2018

Mama Style || May Favourites

May has been gorgeously sunny, and for some reason seeing the sunshine really brings out my inner girly. At the start of May I went back to pink with my hair, after dying it a weird peach colour I really didn't like! I feel so comfortable with pink hair and it definitely makes me smile more.

I've only lost a little weight lately but it's given me a little boost and this month I've felt great and really enjoyed putting my outfits together, investing in some new cheap extras and finally wearing more jewellery again. I've been wearing a lot of floral again too, giant sunglasses and curly hair when I have time as it always feels more special.

As I've been swimming a lot more lately, I thought I'd share some beautiful swimwear to strut your stuff in either by the pool or on the beach. I love a retro two piece and I can't wait for mine to arrive!

With the sunshine bringing out the girlyness, I thought I'd share some gorgeous summer dresses and jump suits that are out right now. You may have seen the sunflower dress in various patterns popping up on social media, it's so cheap and so lovely and comfy to wear! It's a stretch material with an elastic back panel so you can't really go wrong! There's an affiliate link below if you want to check it out, but there's lots more on eBay in all kinds of colours and patterns too.

I decided to share a few fun accessories for the rainy days as we get quite a few here and I often find myself covering up with the most boring rain mac to keep dry. When you get as much rain as we do in the UK, you can definitely justify investing in some pretty rain wear!

My favourite style post of all was this outfit look which I really love as it totally sums up my tastes nowadays. After a few confused years of thinking maybe I should dress older, look more of a Mum etc etc etc, I now just wear what I like, which is exactly how life should be. These bags are just the best and there's a link for these below too. Not cheap, but definitely one for the birthday wish list!

It's been a warm month and I've been dying to break out the dungarees which finally came out this week on a cooler day. I love them and having lost a few pounds they are so much more comfortable now around the tummy too.

What were your May favourites?

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