May 03, 2018

Home Style || Geometric Tiling

Choosing the right finishing touches when you're making over a room can be so tricky. Sometimes you feel like you should go with something neutral, something that will never go out of favour. But then why not live in the now and get something you adore, not matter how long that love lasts?

Right now, we're thinking about our kitchen tiles, whether it's going to be a smaller splash back or behind the length of the worktop we aren't quite sure yet, but what we do know is that we both like geometric style tiles most. Here's a selection that I like so far. Now it's just to decide how brave we want to be and which is our absolute favourite.

1. Topps Tiles | 2. Tiles Direct | 3. Porcelain Superstore | 4. Topps Tiles | 5. Period Property Store | 6. Porcelain Superstore | 7. Porcelain Superstore | 8. Zazzle | 9. Victorian Plumbing

I think pattern wise we are leaning towards something like number two, a simple geometric pattern in a block colour. I'm yet to find something like this in either a pale blue or light grey though which I think is what I'd prefer. I'm worried that white may look too much with white cabinets? I do quite like the idea of coloured or darker grout though to give it a slightly more stand out look. 

One second I love the colour tiles, the next I'm not so sure, but I do love number five, so I may have to consider this for somewhere else. Number 9 is gorgeous and simple and we could pretty much have any colour, but I'm worried the style may not fit right with our current choice of cupboard doors.

I do love geometric patterned tiles though and I think I prefer them cut as opposed to printed with a pattern, with the grout emphasising the shapes. We're still slightly torn I think.

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