May 20, 2018

Mama Life || Trying Out The Sandailo Psychics App

I've always been interested in the spiritual side. I spent so much time in my early teens stalking horoscopes in magazines and looking for readings online. It's something that I am quite open to and whilst I really want to believe in things like psychics and spirits, I also feel a bit embarrassed to be too open to it for fear of being disappointed with a bad reading or falling for ones that aren't so genuine.

Just recently I was asked to try out the Sandailo psychics app for review, so I figured it would be a good chance to try out a more modern way of getting readings and possible guidance for the future. The Sandailo app can be downloaded on iOS or Android and gives you the chance to pay for private or public questions, to get answers from a range of psychics on hand.

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To ask a question you can either choose a psychic and send a private message or post an open question that will be visible to the public. You can also see which psychic is online at that time and who tends to answer quickest. Questions are priced at £4.79 for public questions and £5.99 for private. The app gives you the opportunity to have a quick and easy response to any question from anywhere, so if you are someone that is open to this kind of thing then this is a super easy 'on the go' option for any guidance you may be seeking.

For my review, I downloaded the app and was given credit for two private questions to send to the psychic of my choice as well as three public ones. Although they are public, they do only say your age and star sign so they aren't exactly showing who has asked the question. I've never had a professional reading face to face, so I was excited to see what would come up, but also quite dubious as to how this could work. If people really are psychic though, then there's no reason why it shouldn't work via an app!

I chose a few questions and sent them off. After an hour or so, I was alerted that I had received my first message in response to one of my questions. Shortly after I received another couple, but I was credited for a couple of questions that hadn't been picked up quickly enough. Luckily as it was a trial, I wasn't too desperate for the answers, so the delay for those wasn't an issue for me.

From the answers I received, I was happy with all of them, though as I had expected they were quite generic and I was hoping for something a little more personal. I had an answer from a lady called Anna that mentioned things like self employment that felt a little more personalised to me. I wish I had received something a little more firm and I would have liked some longer answers that delved a little deeper, but I did enjoy trialling the app.

I'm still open minded and on the fence about what I believe in and what I don't and unfortunately the app hasn't persuaded me either way. The answers I received were enjoyable to read, the app is super easy to use and I think as an alternative to pricey phone lines and personal readings, this would be a great alternative for people that like to have spiritual readings of any kind. I love that you can choose the psychic based on their photo and profile and the speed at which the service works. Being an app, you are alerted instantly on your phone when you get a message and I think it's great if you have decisions to make in life or need a little reassurance. I can't say if I'd definitely use the app again, but I did feel very positive after my readings and it gave me food for thought.

You can find out more on the Sandailo website, or download the app in your app store.

Do you believe in spirits and psychics?

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