May 30, 2018

Home Style || Creating The Perfect Garden Room for Summer

We’re all trying to maximise space in our homes and make more room for our families to enjoy, so it’s little wonder that the current trend for bringing the outside in is focused on extending our usable living space into the garden. Garden rooms are becoming big news and for good reason - they can make a wonderful space to socialise in and spend much needed family time. 

As homes become smaller and space becomes more of a premium, they can give us something a little extra. All it takes is a little planning to create a beautiful space you can be proud of. Here's a few tips to achieve just that;

Choose The Space Carefully

Before you get carried away with Pinterest board inspiration or searching ‘How much does a polished concrete floor cost?’ take the time to look at your home and garden space holistically and ask a few key questions. The direction, situation, outlook and positions of your garden should be the basis for how you choose to use the space. Make a note of the location and times of days different areas of your garden get the sun, and relate this to what you want to use your garden room for - are you into sunbathing? Planning to have the family dine outside? Consider where your space is overlooked by neighbours, and any existing features, such as mature trees or boundary walls, that you need to work into your plan. 

Create Definition With a Planting Scheme

Now start to plan in a structure, using planting schemes as the basis. You can use potted plants or shrubs in wooden planters to delineate the boundaries of a space - scented perennials such as lavender are ideal for this job. If you’re adding in a gazebo or wooden garden room structure that works well, or an existing fence or wall can be painted up and softened with trellising and fragrant climbing plants such as wisteria or passionflower to create a pretty little corner of calm without costing the earth. There is a huge trend at the moment for creating living walls full of decorative mosses and plants, and if you have a space that bridges the gap between outdoors and in, such as a family room with bifold doors into the garden they can really make that transition for you. 

Add Some Furniture

Choosing the right furniture to support the activities that you’ll use the garden room for is important too. If you intend to use the space for parties and family gatherings, build integrated sunken seating and planters, arranged around a fire pit or chiminea to draw people together. A small space for having morning coffee al fresco just needs a patio set and chairs, or you can opt for a larger dining table with pull-out seating, day beds for lounging or even L-shaped sofa structures that are perfect for getting people together on a sunny day.

Do you make the most of your garden?

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