May 19, 2018

Empowered Women, Empower Women.

We as women are getting stronger by the day, shunning our insecurities, banning our self doubt and believing that we can achieve anything we want to. Although the world has a long way to go to achieve any kind of total equality when it comes to women and rights, particularly in the work place, there are things we can do on a small scale to empower ourselves whilst empowering others.

Still though, day to day I see and hear women ripping each other apart, letting the side down with bad judgement of others, criticising one another and highlighting differences or 'weaknesses' in a negative way and it has to stop if we are ever to get anywhere.

A friend shared a meme that said 'Empowered women empower women' and it kind of hit a note for me. It's not about hating men, it's not about winning, losing or playing games, it's about pride and confidence and most of all, supporting each other.

It's so easy for patterns to be created in behaviour and as much as a broken person can go on to break others, an empowered person can do wonderful things for others too. The cliche of 'building each other up and not breaking each other down' is used a lot, but it does sum up really what us women should be doing. We should support each other, be kind, help each other out, boost each others confidence and never see another woman's success as a failure in ourselves.

It's a much nicer world when you're surrounded by people that encourage you to live your life to the max, inspire you to achieve your dreams and take giant leaps into the unknown when needed. Being there for others when they need it, highlighting positives, showing the silver linings and encouraging life and growth in any way possible to empower a fellow woman/human.

I think in some ways the term feminist has become a little tainted, it's regarded as 'man hating' or women ruling the world, when actually it's just about being confident, happy and having the same rights to life as everyone else, regardless of our genitalia or identity.

As women we are all different and unique in our own ways. We should all be encouraging each other to embrace our quirks, to be proud of our so called flaws and be be ourselves in every way we can be. 

Here's a few things we can do as empowered women, to empower other women;

Be there for them when they need help, advice or a safe place.

Listen to them and be a voice for those that need it.

Support all women regardless of age, religion, race etc.

Support women in business.

Smile and reassure on bad days.

Never pass judgement.

Help new Mums, offer support.

Invest in charities helping other women/mother's all over the world.

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