May 01, 2018

Healthy Mama || May Update

Well needless to say, April hasn't quite got me to goal but I really think it has sent me heading in the right direction. I've been consciously making an effort not to binge eat and keep things in control, whilst feeling content with my lot and not dwelling on huge targets.

My biggest change during April came with starting a weeks trial with Muscle food for their new Unthinkable plan. I was really happy with the food, the review opportunity could not have come at a better time and I was blown away at how easy it was, with great results of a 6.8 pound loss in just five days, completely changing my habits and mindset which has kind of stuck afterwards too.

The week before my MF trial, we were down in Devon sampling the delights and going all out 'holiday food' as we tend to when we're away. I think in a way this made it easier to 'diet' when we got back as I was full of pasties and fudge and the thought of salads and veg was actually really appealing. We did do a crazy amount of walking though while we were away, so exercise took a bit of a back step when we got back while I was a bit achey.

I have felt like a bit of a failure on the hotter days. Every year when the weather warms up and I get a really uncomfortable, chafey sweaty day I wonder why the hell I don't get myself fitter and more comfortable to cope with the heat. It's not about being 'beach ready' or wearing skimpy dresses, but just being able to relax, dress appropriately for the heat and not feel rubbish when I really want to be enjoying myself. 

As much as I'm all body positive, I am a work in progress because I need to be healthier for myself, my joints and also for my family who I often feel are let down by my lack of energy and enthusiasm for energetic tasks. I really want the kids to have a fit and healthy start, so I do need to show them how it's done which I'm currently not doing too well.

Pain wise, my back and pelvic problems have improved so much which I'm really happy about. I've been keeping up with my exercises from physio and making sure I know my limits when it comes to walking and lifting. I can feel it all getting stronger and more balanced which is such a relief after years of struggling with longer walks and sitting for a long time.

I'm setting no firm goals for this coming month, I just want to consciously step up my effort with exercise, resisting binges and making healthier choices. Hopefully by making small changes I'll start to see even more results.

What are your health goals for May?

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