May 13, 2018

Mama Style || Raving In The Rain

OK so not actually raving (unless you're that lucky), but making the most of trudging about in the rain which us parents find ourselves doing a LOT! Umbrellas aren't often ideal, so I think many of us opt for what I call the 'condom look', which is your basic rain mac, hood up, cords puled tight. The other is the 'Kenny Look', do you remember Kenny from South Park? Basically a huge hood pulled over our heads making us look like some kind of dark lord as we squelch our soggy trainers through the puddles on route to school.

Sometimes when the rain is particularly heavy, I just give up, let the kids do their splashing and we take a slow easy walk home. If you're going to be soaked anyway you may as well enjoy it right? There are a few options though for not looking like a condom Kenny or taking the free shower option, so I thought I'd share some fun rainy day bits that will have you willing it to rain instead of running for cover. If we're going to be walking in the rain, we may as well brighten it up with these bad boys!

And then this because I think it's just about the funniest thing I've ever seen and I would pay good money to see all school mums rock this awful fireman come condom ensemble from eBay! The first lady looks like she has a collar on to stop her licking wounds from the vet, brilliant!

Jokes aside, here in the UK we have to endure SO much rain all year round, that it does make sense to treat ourselves to some pretty and/or practical rain wear. Dressing for the rain doesn't have to be dreary, we can punch the air with colour and sport our favourite patterns. If we hide away from the rain here we'd spend half our lives indoors and that's no fun.

What do you wear to keep dry?

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