May 09, 2018

Adventures || A Sunny Day At Rand Farm Park

Since visiting with my niece years ago, we've loved Rand Farm and it's grown and grown into a really great family attraction now, perfect for a full day out if you're in Lincolnshire. We've not been for a little while, so it was lovely to pop over on bank holiday Monday to see all the Spring babies and enjoy the sunshine. Oh and of course to see this guy, because who doesn't love a smiley goat with a banging set of gnashers?

I was really pleased to grab some photos of the chipmunks this time while they were having some dinner. We normally see them but they are too quick for the camera or snoozing out of the way. This time they sat for ages so I was able to get some pretty close ups.

There are so many spring lambs at the moment and they are just so adorable. Me and Soph sat for ages in front of this enclosure just watching them snooze in the breeze. It was so hot outside but nice and cool in here. Look at that content little lamby face!

As a working farm, kids really get to experience some fun stuff at Rand and feeding time is always a firm favourite. They got to feed the lambs and baby goats and I think it was probably the first time Soph has been big enough to hold it all by herself as they are so strong for tiny lambs! Soph was so so happy and loved every second. I think we'll be back next weekend for some more!

Making the most of the outdoors, we headed outside where right now the trampolines seem to be the biggest hit for our two. Alf just ever so slightly likes to wind Soph up by making her bounce (as you can see in his cheeky face below!). They had a great time though and you'll never hear the laugh more than when they're on here.

There's lots of pretty flowers around Rand to keep it colourful all year round, so of course I was in my element photographing those while the kids went on the go carts. I was far too hot to pedal so luckily Adam was able to ferry them round.

Soph and I made some daisy chains on the grass. Although the car park was pretty full, it has so much space it seemed quiet inside so we were able to sit and rest with a cool drink every now and then between activities. Soph looked pretty cute in her summer dress from a friend, so we took the opportunity for a couple of updated pictures as she has grown and changed so much recently - she also has posing down to an absolute art!

To cool off Soph enjoyed a very fast go-cart ride around the track, with wind in her hair, her beloved Daddy at the wheel and squeals of joy, she loved it.

It's rare for me to get a natural picture of Alf these days, but I love this one he just looks so beautiful.

We ended the day with a trip back to the baby chicks as they are both so smitten with them and I love seeing how gentle they are with them too. The kids were so hot by this point after all the running around in the heat, so it was a nice end to a gorgeous day with some super rosy cheeks all round.

We had such a lovely day at Rand as always, have you been?

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