May 10, 2018

Mama Style || Current Loves, Buys & Wants

As well as finally being at peace with my body, shape and size, I seem to have finally got over my new Mum identity loss and I'm back knowing what I love, what I want to buy and what I want to wear. It's a great feeling!

I've done the whole 'maybe I should dress more like a Mum' and 'maybe I should dress more my age', whatever that means. Now I'll wear what I love, the colours I like and if I want to dress like a teenager, I bloody well will. Life is far too short to not wear what you want or to be afraid of being slightly different sometimes.

Here's some current loves, and basically what I'd consider to be my perfect outfit right now, colour, style and everything. 

Dungarees, Kanken, Outfit ideas

The stripe top is an absolute must have basic item. With a touch of colour, it pretty much goes with everything and I think it was a steal at £8.99 from H&M. The dungarees are also H&M and they are what I've been looking for for years! Being a larger gal, with a generous booty, I've struggled to find some that A) go up to my size and B) fit my body shape. These have a touch of stretch in them, but look like regular denim, I love them so much!

My Fjallraven Kanken bag has been my favourite bag I've ever had. If I was rich I would have this bag in every single colour, but yellow is next on my wish list! I rarely wear earrings, but now the kids are bigger and there's less fear of babies pulling them out, I'd love some of the boho earrings that are popular right now, the bigger and fluffier the better.

I'm completely addicted to headbands/bandannas, they hide the worst hair days which happen quite often, whilst looking nice (I think!) at the same time. I'm loving the wide retro style ones and I don't think I'll ever stop collecting them and I currently have pretty much every colour and pattern to go with every outfit.

Vans are my all time favourites and these two tone high tops have always been my dream shoes, but never quite made it my way so are still firmly on my wish list.

What's your staple items right now?

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