May 17, 2018

Home Style || Prepping The Garden For Summer

As the days are getting longer and the sun makes an appearance more and more, it's time to make sure the garden's in shape for those family BBQs to get the most of our little bit of British summer.

Our garden may be having a year off while we have some pretty major building work done, but if you're lucky enough to have a decent outside space to enjoy this season then here's some tips to make sure your garden is as relaxing and beautiful as it can be.

Make it blooming beautiful

If you planted some late spring/summer bulbs and seeds, they may just be coming up nicely right now. You can get stuck in with weeding, freshening up the soil and tidying up your borders to really make those pretty flowers pop when they come out in all their glory. If like me you're a much less organised gardener, you may want to buy some ready grown plants, shrubs and flowers to brighten up your flower beds, hanging baskets and boxes in an instant. You can even be super organised, check what to plant for Autumn and be one step ahead!

Clean to a gleam

Cleaning is enough of a chore indoors without adding more to the list, but spending some time tidying and cleaning the garden areas, buildings and furniture is SO worth it. Make sure any outside windows or mirrors are cleaned to a shine, brighten up any window frames and doors leading to the garden and rid your garden of any post winter debris. If you have UPVC that's looking dull, invest in some proper PVC cleaner that will have it looking good as new. Sweep floors and patios, dispose of any old garden toys, pots or plants that are past their best and give any patio furniture and plant pots a wipe down to freshen them up. You may also need to get wood restained or touch up any old paint work that's started to flake.

Get ready for wining & dining

There's a big selection of outdoor furniture now and it can be a great investment for really giving your garden that special inviting look. Having a beautiful table and chairs, a fire pit or children's dining area can really set off the look of your garden and make it feel super special for those warm summer evenings. As well as the lounging and dining furniture, you may want to invest in other less attractive garden items such as a water butt or composter, to make the most of any bad weather whilst making your garden more self sufficient.

Get shady

As much as we love the sunshine, it's important to have some shaded areas, particularly if you have young children, but also to stop certain plants from getting scorched on hotter days. Shaded areas don't have to be expensive and you don't need a traditional parasol if that's not your thing. There are so many options now, with things like garden sails for smaller budgets, to solid gazebos, pretty arbours and roofed picnic areas if you have a little more space.

Light up

Lighting as always plays a huge role in the ambiance of a summer garden. From solar powered lamps, fairy lights and real garden light fixtures, having a relaxing glow to light the way while you enjoy the cooler end to a warm day can make all the difference. If you're on a smaller budget, simply having some garden lanterns and table candles can be enough to look perfect.

Whatever your budget or outside space, from the tiniest balcony to the grandest of meadow like gardens, it's  easy to make your outdoor area look pretty and enjoyable for summer with your family this year.

Have you started your garden prep yet?

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