May 27, 2018

Healthy Mama || June Update

May has been a great month for improving my health and I'm coming to the end of it feeling lighter, more active and pretty motivated. My mental health has flailed a little this month for some reason which has been hard, but hitting the gym, popping for a swim and eating less rubbish has helped keep me afloat and it feels good.

I've tried walking more, taking Peggy dog for walks more and anything extra I can add into my every day life like making the effort to take Sophie to more groups or taking my camera out for some photos on a detour to school. It's all really helped me the last few weeks and combined with a few trips to the gym, learning to swim and a few work out classes, I've lost over half a stone and feel in much better shape than last month.

I'm so proud of myself for finally learning to swim properly and I'm going to really try and push myself from my 20 lengths best this month and aim for 50 by the end of June. Not focusing solely on food but making a few better choices here and there has been lovely. Adding a little extra exercise in that I actually enjoy will mean I change my lifestyle instead of just obsessing over food and the never ending diet cycle. I hope to shift some more pounds in June and keep up with my current habits.

What are your health goals for June?

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