Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Adventures || Escaping To Moggs Eye Beach

Whatever the weather I love a good seaside trip, so as soon as the weather flipped last week I knew we would have to escape to our favourite beach nearby for some fun over the bank holiday. As someone that's more than a little obsessed with beach combing and fossil hunting, the beaches of Lincolnshire aren't the most exciting. In terms of a fun family day out though, we love Moggs Eye beach and it's just a couple of miles away from all the action at Chapel St Leonards and Skegvegas if we want a change of scene later on.

I thought I'd share a few pictures from our day as it was the perfect beach weather, sunny with a cool breeze and an empty beach - what more could you possibly want?

I presume these flowers washed up from some kind of sea memorial, but I just thought they made a lovely photo. I didn't touch them as I know someone would have put them to sea in someones memory, but I thought they looked too pretty in situ not to have a picture. I love the teeny rock pool in the petal too!

Soph was very chilled out and enjoyed sitting, digging with her spade and organising shells. She kept her fleece on all day, despite the fact it was actually really warm! She loved being a narwhal too and playing with her stick all day long.

Alf's an absolute beach baby, he's always loved water and just has bags of energy at the beach, he really loves every single second of it. Alf loves helping me look for special stones and shells too and is just like a dog when he sees the sea, he runs straight for it!

We didn't find much of interest on this visit, but I did find this rock which I love! It looks like something from space and although I don't think it's a fossil, more of a natural formation, it's still really pretty and fascinating. I'd love to know what left this indentation and when! We also found some lovely drift wood, some beautiful shells and an old plastic Barbie boot!

Moggs Eye is such a pretty beach, I've talked about it before but I love how quiet it is, with just a car park and toilets and heaps of space and sand dunes to enjoy and explore. Just behind the beach there's fields of Rape seed, so it's a lovely place to be.

My favourite place with my favourite people, followed by a quick drive to Skeg for some fish and chips! Next time I'm hoping to get to the Yorkshire coast to find some very different beach treasures! 

Are you a beach babe too?