Monday, May 14, 2018

Kid Style || Colourful Summer Delights!

I've loved shopping for kids clothes ever since the very first day I found out I was getting a niece 11 years ago. Kids clothes are just brilliant and I wish most of them came in adult sizes too. Grown up clothes are pretty dull most the time, so I love dressing the kids in lots of colour to reflect their wild and fun personalities.

We are very much into anything rainbow at the moment and having seen the dungarees from Little Miss Lilly last week and the red towelling dress from Litte Bird at Mothercare, I'm a little obsessed now and have no doubt that Sophs wardrobe will now be 99% rainbow, which also happens to be her favourite colour (Yes rainbow totally IS a colour!).

There's lots of gorgeous kids clothes out there and I think childhood is the best time to wear all the colour, rock all the patterns and let them explore their tastes and personalities. I thought I'd share some of my favourites in store, online and made to order by other Mums that will help do just that.

I really have a thing for dungarees and rompers. I love them for me, but just think they scream childhood nostalgia and make babies, toddlers and kids look even more adorable than normal. For me it's all about those rainbows, but also animal prints and big bold block colours and patterns. Most of us grown ups shy away from colour, let alone pattern, so it's lovely seeing our kids caring less about what people think and wearing what they enjoy and feel comfortable in.

Kids are all so different, some love picking their clothes and some just aren't bothered about what they wear. Personally, I love nothing more than seeing what they come up with and the weirder the better! I would happily dress Soph in every single one of these items and probably me too if they did my size.

Which is your favourite?