May 06, 2018

Healthy Mama || Instagram Trolls & Happiness

It's funny how much your mindset can change. Not long ago, being called fat, a pig or any other kind of derogatory term for the way I look would have seriously bothered me. At one time, the slightest hint of that kind of trolling would have me spinning into a food binge which tends to be my automatic and uncontrollable coping mechanism.

When just this week I was trolled on Instagram for sharing a photo of myself in a swim suit, I was called a 'piggy' and a 'fatty', but I'm OK with it. In fact, I smiled when I saw it because I genuinely feel those people must have the saddest little futile lives to sit there and do that, so who really is left looking stupid?

I posted my picture, not necessarily in an attempt to show how OK I am with the way I look, not because I think I look nice, but because it's me, and why shouldn't I show myself in public just because others may not like the way I look?

Along with my picture I stated that I was a work in progress but happy. My body has made me two amazing children, it's sailed me through some rough times and heaps of happy fun times and really right now, it is what it is. I'm always trying to improve my health, which will in turn improve the way I look, but it's for nobody else but me. Here's the offending image -

If I'm going to a secluded beach with my family on a day with 28 degree sunshine, I'm not covering up for the sake of others, even though that's what I always have done. I'm past the point of caring what people really think. My day on the beach is about having fun, making happy memories and relaxing. If I want to share a picture from that day, I will.

In a way, I'm kind of glad this happened to me. I'm glad it didn't happen to someone younger or more sensitive that may have really taken it to heart, starved themselves or let it weigh them down. People can be just awful and I'm lucky it's only happened this once so far!

The plus side is that from that one idiotic sad person making their thoughtless comments to humour themselves, I've had hundreds of likes, comments and messages supporting me and appreciating me for sharing a normal body on social media. There are so many mums just like me that are maybe a bit fluffy around the edges, have maybe put ourselves last and neglected our bodies slightly, but we are still people, we are still kind, friendly happy people that do our best for our families.

So this fluffy little piggy mama will carry on smiling, I'll carry on sharing my real life pictures and I'll carry on trying to make time for myself to improve my health - for me. Thank you to everyone that has shown me love this weekend!

Have you encountered any trolls online?

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