May 24, 2018

Healthy Mama || PMDD & Finally Feeling Like Myself Again

*Content warning - this is not at all graphic, but I am talking about periods, mental health and PMDD. If you'd prefer not to hear about this kind of thing, this post probably isn't for you*

Around six months ago I realised I was really struggling during my time of the month. Going way beyond the normal PMT/PMS, I felt so low I was crying, I felt angry, I didn't want to be around anyone and I felt so low I was actually getting worried about myself and what would happen if it carried on getting worse. For the week or two before I started, I felt like this, but as soon as I came on the symptoms went in a flash and I felt back to my normal self. I thought I'd share a little in this article about how I've got on and what my plan is for treatment.

After a couple of really bad months, I finally made the step to seek help from a doctor. Having already been on anxiety meds for some time to help with that and muscle relaxation, I knew I couldn't take anything else like that and felt worried about how sudden this change had appeared. I guess it's something to do with hormones finally balancing out after having my two babies, but whatever it was I didn't like it.

The doctor suggested to treat PMDD (a severe form of PMS), that I went on a contraceptive pill that would possibly help my hormones, so I started on them the next day. I've been really reluctant to go back on the pill because they have so many health risks with them, but I figured I couldn't go on feeling like that two weeks of every month so it had to be worth a try.

Pretty much from the off I started to feel awful on the new meds, my anxiety increased ten fold, I felt stressed, tired, my arms felt like they were going to explode and when it came to that time of the month again I felt worse than ever. After considering venturing to a psychiatrist, I opted in the first instance to quickly go back to the doctors who told me to persevere and see how I got on.

After that initial horrible ill feeling month, I did start to feel a little more 'normal' and like myself. I then started to bleed every now and then which is the part I'm really not enjoying, but the last couple of months I've not had any super low days like I was having and physically haven't had as many problems. I still feel a bit up and down with my moods, but I do feel a lot more in control than before and I feel I've finally got somewhere. I'm really glad to not be experiencing those super low low days any more and I hope it continues.

I didn't really want to share this as it is a little embarrassing to admit you're struggling sometimes, but I figured someone else may be suffering too and it's always good to know you're not alone and that it can get better. If you need a little extra support, you could look to the BetterHelp website for a helping hand.

Do you have any experience of PMDD?

*Collaborative post

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