May 29, 2018

Life || May

May has been a pretty good month. We've put a lot of time and effort into planning our house/kitchen overhaul which has sadly fallen through at the last minute, but it's still been fun and we are much more sure of what we want now and the costs involved. The weather has been perfect and it's been so nice to wear a bit of colour, have more days out and enjoy the outdoors even more. I managed to sort a few blog issues I was having out and have started to feel a little more motivated with it all at last. Here's a little more about May...  


Wearing - The sunshine really brought out my inner girlyness and with a splash of pink to my hair, florals coming out to play and even braving swim wear, May has been a good clothes month. 

Food & Drink - May has been all about the BBQs, snacking less and eating less takeaway pizza - opting for home made instead. I've enjoyed having shakes for breakfast, it's far better than skipping the meal on a busy day, fills me up and means I can have it ready in seconds.

Watched - This month we re-watched Friday Night Dinner and caught up with the new series. We also watched Cuckoo, which I loved as a big Greg Davis fan. Most recently we watched series of two of 13 Reasons Why, which was great but really bloody emotional, especially the last episode! I won't write any spoilers but jeez, right in the feels.

Disliked - Last month we spent loads of time in the sun and on the beach which was great but I was so angry at the amount of rubbish people left behind. Alfie picked up about 30 plastic bottles on his way home from school one sunny day, it's just gross and I have no idea why people  think it's OK?

Loved - I loved our seaside adventures, catching up with family and enjoying lots of yummy BBQs.

Favourite Photo - There's billions of lovely pictures from May but I love this one of Soph, she really loved helping to make daisy chains.

So that was May for me, how was yours? 

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