Sunday, August 02, 2015

Back On Track!

After a successful 5lb total weight loss with Slim-Fast, helping me feel holiday ready - I spent a week in the West Country enjoying myself with my family. Me and my Mr. Waffle are big time foodies and for us, part of being on holiday means eating whatever takes your fancy, extra treats and exploring new foods and restaurants. It's safe to say I'll be avoiding the scales this week!

Now I am home though I am quickly getting back on track and getting stuck into filling and healthy foods again. I feel great (despite my post holiday tum!) and really feel motivated after taking a break for a week and totally switching it up with the Slim-Fast challenge for two weeks before we left. I've started back with some healthier low carb choices and want to keep going and getting healthy for me and my children. I'm a huge fan of being motivated by others so if ever you feel like spurring me on - go right ahead!

Dinner - spicy pork, CC, spinach, homemade slaw and egg!

Thanks for reading,