Monday, August 03, 2015

My Slim-Fast Challenge Results!

Last week marked the end of my  trial of the #SlimFastChallenge and I am pleased to say I managed to lose five pounds. I started off in a position where I was stuck in a rut meal wise, I had stayed the same pretty much for a couple of weeks and needed a break to do something new that would hopefully kickstart my weight loss, I wasn't dissapointed.

At this point I should add that I didn't stick to the plan 100% - (insert excuses here), and I did cut the challenge down by two days as we were going on holiday for baby's first birthday. That said, I am pretty pleased with the results considering!

So let's get down to the nitty gritty - what was the Slim-Fast challenge actually like?

As I mentioned in my week one update, I really enjoyed the shakes, especially Mocha. My love for the shakes didn't fade and I will definitely use them again. I didn't get on to well with the sweet meal bars, I craved savoury too much and found that by the end I couldn't finish a whole bar as I found them increasingly sickly. I did love all the shakes and snacks I was sent though, I always felt satisfied and found the plan extremely easy to follow.

For me, having an evening meal with hubby to look forward to made the day food even easier and the fact that I had three snacks too, meant I never went long without food. I'm never a huge breakfast fan, so tended to have the lightest meal then, save a snack to have with my lunch shake and a sweet snack for after my main meal as a treat. The chocolate bar snacks are amazing!

Onto the pros and cons...


  • Easy no thinking meals
  • Easy for busy mums
  • Tasty milkshakes and snacks
  • Shakes come ready mixed too
  • Weight was lost
  • Tummy shrunk massively
  • Never felt hungry
  • A welcome break from other diets
  • Kick started my weight loss
  • Made me Slimmer and more confident for my holiday
  • Very easy to follow
  • No counting points or calories (except evening meal)
  • Great quick fix for a special occasion


  • Meal bars were too sweet (for me)
  • I needed more milk to feel fuller
  • No savoury meal options
  • Missed real food at times
  • I ate less fruit and veg than normal

Final thoughts...

In conclusion, I was generally really pleased with my (nearly) two weeks on the Slim-Fast Challenge. I did pretty well and had I calorie counted my main meal, used the correct amount of milk and completed the full two weeks I think the results would have been amazing. I get very little sleep at the moment so did need the extra energy of a larger shake and a decent sized main meal to keep me going. I loved that I didn't feel hungry and I will definitely keep some shakes in stock for a quick meal when needed, as I actually love the taste and texture. If I had an upcoming holiday or special occasion, I would definitely do this diet for a couple of weeks if I needed a quick slim down, it made my tummy so much flatter within a few days.
The diet doesn't really teach you about long term healthy living which is I think why some people gain the weight straight back, but if you are sensible then Slim-Fast is great and a nice easy way to lose some weight.

Thanks for reading,


I was sent the products for the challenge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.