Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Home To Halls

September will soon be upon us which means big changes for our children. Nervous tiny ones heading off to school, excited teenagers off for their college adventures and the nearly adult ones off to University - finally breaking free from the nest! 

It's so hard leaving home for the first time and being thrown into a new world, new friends, new life with zero home comforts! I remember it so well, being dropped off in an empty plain white box of a room with some bits from my bedroom at home, waving my parents off and sheepishly making my introductions and unpacking my things.

I lived in halls on campus and loved having my own space to decorate. I had a full wall top to bottom with photographs, a six foot fabric Nirvana poster hanging over the door way and all sorts of other things like candles, cushions and an unnecessary amount of Christmas baubles. On refection it probably looked a royal mess, but at the time I loved it! If you have kids going off to uni this year then you can help them feel more settled bytreating them to some homely treats to make them more comfortable in their new space. Choosing some special new things to spruce up their new home over summer, could be just the thing to bridge the gap and relieve a little of their anxieties.

HomeSense have a really lovely range of items especially for this time of year, and what's better is that it is all so much more unique and design savvy than most things you find on the high street. It's pretty much my favourite place for home ware, so I thought I would do another update of some of my favourite bits and pieces, this time picked out to cosy up a student pad.

Here are a few basic tips to survive the big leap to studentville and setting up a capsule home for your studies.

Never be late for a lecture! 

There are no excuses to be late if you grab one of the amazing clocks that HomeSense have in store. Whatever your style there will be something to suit your tastes.

Make yourself at home! 

Young people are so much more style conscious now and it's much more common for students to have chic and beautiful rooms and study areas. You can easily and cheaply make a student room feel homely with a few simple touches. Mismatched items and different textures create a lived in homely look and HomeSense is choc-a-block with everything you will need from storage jars to lamps.

I love this table with a fold out shelf on the side - perfect for a laptop study in a small space. You could do so much with this table, it's great!

Learn to cook! 

HomeSense has everything needed to not only learn to cook, such as cook books galore - but also all the utensils and gadgets needed with even some unusual cooking ingredients and treats!

Keep organised!

Once you're on your own at uni, there is nobody to keep you in check or keep things tidy. Suddenly it's up to you to keep track of all your things and organise yourself - mission! If you get some decent storage for your things, this can really help. HomeSense has a great range of baskets, boxes, and things like this which I absolutely love! I think I'd have to use this to store jewellery, make up and stationary, what would you keep in it - isn't it beautiful?
You can buy everything you will need in your local store to make a home from home. I love the unusual things I find with every visit and if you haven't been yet you really should! Happy bargain hunting and good luck to everyone starting a new life at Uni and for all those parents waving off their children - I salute you! 

You can find your nearest store on the HomeSense website.

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Disclosure - sponsored post - all editorial content and thoughts are my own - love my HomeSense! Images from HomeSense.