Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Weight loss Journey - Why Now?

I wanted to write this for a few reasons. One - because people keep saying I've just had a baby and I don't need to worry about my weight. Two - because I don't want other Mums to think that they have to slim down after having a baby, or that I am in any way saying they should. Three - because my reasons are important to me and my family and I am continuously justifying my choices.

It's always amazed me how people can go their whole lives over weight, eating the wrong foods, never exercising and then one day suddenly switch that off - start a weight loss journey and change their lives. I know a lady who is in her 60's and just lost well over 100lbs. Why now? 

Suddenly, I get it. I get it because it's happened to me and I have no idea what causes it or where the willpower comes from, but it just arrives at your door and suddenly you regret every ounce of pointless alcohol, those numerous days where you ate the whole pack of five donuts because you're too embarrassed to return home with one left in the packet (just me?). Those binges that happen before you realise you're doing it or the tears that find you emptying the snack cupboard. Suddenly, those things are manageable and I don't know why. 

I want other mothers to know that having a wobbly tummy or being a bit chunky after having a baby is fine and normal. I waited a sensible time before starting my weight loss journey, had the all clear from a doctor and made the decision that it would take a long time, and that was OK because I want it to last forever. I will always have a wobbly tum and my own unique shape but that's fine, that's me.

This year, two friends; Nathalie & Emily lost their battles with cancer. I can't say what if anything in particular caused it, but for me it was a big wake up call. There was no reason for it to be them and not me. I have eaten what I liked forever, binge drank my way through many nights (and days) as a student and smoked for 13 years, I stopped five years ago. I need to try and fix some of the damage and try and get healthy. I don't want to leave my babies without a mother. This to me is the main trigger for my determination. I'd also hate to leave my husband without a wife and best friend. This is personal to me and in no way means I would expect every mother out there to think so irrationally or to feel they have to follow suit, but my own personal journey that I have chosen to share.

My baby is now over one, so to the people that say I've 'just' had a baby and to not worry, it's been twelve months, I'm happier than ever and she is part of the reason I need to do this.

At 31, the 'it's just puppy fat' card can't be played any longer, this puppy is almost pound ready 

I started this journey adopting filling and healthy foods which I love and are definitely the way forward in terms of the long term plan. In the mean time I have been lucky enough to be offered some amazing diet trials which I have researched to ensure they are safe, not too drastic and that they are suitable for me with still 4 - 6 stone to lose to be within my healthy range according to the NHS. 

I never believed in 'fad' diets, and still don't in most cases (syrup, baby food diets etc), but knowing how it feels to be weighed down, quite literally physically and emotionally by your weight, I get that people want to lose a bit quickly - each to their own. I myself like to do this every now and then too to increase my motivation. I just make sure I do it safely.

I have impressed myself with my determination and willpower at times and let myself down at others but that's OK. 

I am currently taking part in a trial for The New You Plan and have amazed myself at how strong I can be. I am feeling great on it too!

I hope this makes sense and explains a little to those that find mother's with babies talking about weight loss questionable. It's not because of my children - it's for my children. It's not just to look good - its to be healthy, live longer and pass on good habits to my children. If I look good and improve my self esteem and confidence at the same time, well that's just even better.

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