Friday, August 21, 2015

Braun CruZer 6 - Review

Me and Mr. Waffle love a good shopping trip - I'm a lucky girl hey? One day we were in town and came across the aisle with waxing strips. I am a little bit scared of waxing admittedly and haven't let it much closer than my eyebrows, but he's never had anything done, possibly quite wisely. He noticed some waxing strips and decided he would get some for his back hair. He's by no means a yeti, far from it - but does have a few patches of man fur that he isn't too keen on that can tickle and itch at times. Needless to say, those wax strips are still sat in the drawer. The nightmares of me coming for him in the night armed with wax, meant that when he heard we had been offered to try the new Braun CruZer 6 to review - he quickly volunteered his services.

Today is 'Mens Grooming Day' so what better day to share this post and product. The CruZer 6 Body is a 3-in-1 shaver specially designed to combat and smooth body hair. Finally time to say good by to those tickling back hairs and neaten up some other areas too including his beard and 'down there'. Don't worry, there are no graphic images!

When the CruZer arrived, we were both really surprised at the design. I had read the description but had not entirely understood what the device was. It is actually a really unique and very clever idea. Basically this razor is a Gillette manual razor, with an electric razor attached. The idea is that you can use it in three ways; as a normal razor for a smooth shave, as an electric shaver for thicker hair or both together so that the electric part does the hard work and the razor follows it giving a smooth finish - see, pretty genius really!

The razor can be used wet or dry and even comes with a handy hanging pouch to hang in the shower. The razor comes with attachments for longer hair which is great but unfortunately there was nowhere to attach these to while in the shower. The set does come with a handy pouch though to store everything in. It also comes with a neat contact-less charger which it is worth noting does only come with a shaver plug on it, so we did need to use an adaptor (that we already had) to  charge in the mains.

Once charged, the shaver gives 4 hours of shaving, plenty for a week or two for both of us. We found that once fully charged the electric part did give a really good shave and cut through most thick hairs well without catching or pulling hairs. I found the razor better for certain areas than my husband, who felt it worked better on shorter hairs and was a little weak for his personal bits. The main razor was great as you'd expect from these blades as they are pretty renowned to be one of the best on the market so it didn't disappoint. Using the two together took some practise, particularly for Mr. W to use on his own back like the image above. Once perfected though, it was effective and pretty useful. The electric shaver part worked well for the finer back and body hairs and would be great for someone wanting a smooth chest or back more than a 'downstairs tidy up'. The manual razor part works really well on all hair types.

We loved the idea of using both parts together but did still find it easier using them both seperately - it was great having them both in one easy to use device though. It may have just been that this is such a new idea it will take some practise, change is good sometimes after all. This isn't recommended for the face as it pulls a little but there are other more specific shavers in the range for beards. For the more personal areas Mr. W still prefers other options, but for other general man fur problem areas, such as the back and chest it works really well.

You can find out more about this razor as well as others in the CruZer series by clicking here.

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