Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Scooter - Review

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Scooter!

It seems that when I make babies, I don't just make super cute ones,  I also make speed demons, dare devils and wheel freaks! This girl is no different. We were recently sent an amazing Baby ride on scooter from the wonderful Fisher Price for Baby S to review. S couldn't have been happier after weeks of desperately trying to get a go on her big brothers bike - with no avail!

Fisher Price have played a huge part in not only my own childhood, but my babies too. Their toys are known for great quality as well as helping children of all ages learn from having fun. The Smart Stages range from Fisher Price allows parents to increase the complexity of the toy in relation to their own child's development. These toys are great to assist children with their gross and fine motor skills as well as teaching the basics such as numbers, shapes and counting. This scooter is suitable from 12 months - perfect for baby S who has just had her birthday!

This adorable Vespa style scooter has a range of switch or motion activated sounds, music and buttons to press, as well as a horn button and faux key that makes a satisfying crunch when turned by tiny hands. This is great for early role play! All kids LOVE a horn button, I'm sure of it! The sounds, voices and songs (50+) are really happy and fun and even on the loudest setting I found they made me happy and not irritated - rare for a musical toy as I'm sure any parent will understand!

The stickers and decals on the scooter all contain some kind of learning fun such as colours, shapes and even the alphabet. A well thought out toy all round.

The scooter is really sturdy and hard to pull over which made it perfect for baby S who is just building her confidence up to walk solo, so still uses things to pull up on. S could sit on the scooter perfectly and it was just the right height for her to scoot along. The large wide wheels mean that she is super safe and can go along leisurely without fear she will rocket away! The scooter does make a cool engine noise when you turn it on which S seemed to really enjoy too. This toy goes up to 36 months and my three year old A was equally as fascinated with this and we did have to have words at times to get baby S a look in! A sign of a good toy I think. In terms of a ride on, I think the lower end of the age range would get more from it but A did enjoy the songs and things too. That said, he is nearly four so technically above the suitable range which is why he looks pretty large!

This scooter would be a perfect first birthday or Christmas present and is so reasonably priced with the RRP at just £36.99. The quality is amazing and this would last forever I'm sure! We were able to fit this scooter in the basket under our (Oyster) pram to take to the park too, which is always a good thing! A was on his balance bike and baby S was able to join in without just watching from afar - they both loved this!

We really love this toy and would definitely recommend it for anyone in the market for a baby ride on. There is a really special charm to it, I love the style and colours and it just seems to make children happy. The scooter is suitable for boys and girls and has a big happy face on the front which baby liked to kiss and smile at. Ride-ons can vary hugely and we have had a few, this is definitely a great one and any little one would be ecstatic to have a little scoot on this. Baby had the biggest smile from the second it came out the box. The scooter takes two AA batteries and last really well - a week of solid use and no flagging yet and they were easily and safely installed into a side panel.

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To find out more about the amazing Smart Stages range from Fisher-Price, you can visit them here.

Happy scooting!

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Disclosure - We were sent this scooter in return for an honest review - all thoughts, images and words are my own.