Friday, August 14, 2015

Mid Month Weight Loss Update

It's the middle of August already - how on earth has that happened? I've had a pretty exciting few days diet wise and thought I had better do a little blog update. I am hoping to have some pretty good losses on the weight front in the coming weeks!

This week I have lost a whopping 5lbs which I am so pleased with. Unfortunately this is just the remainder of what I put on in Devon (though I still maintain it was totally worth it!). So here we are, back at my pre holiday weight and once again feeling a little slinkier.

This week I was approached by a weight loss company that would like me to review their diet plan for them. It's a meal replacement system and I am so excited to get started. I will do a full post to introduce the actual plan and give a bit more detail on what I will be doing exactly, but from what I have read, the results can be really good so I will need to stick to it 100% and I may be able to drop a dress size. Hopefully, I will even be offered to continue past the two weeks I have been allocated for the plan, we will see! I think this could really work for me.

I am feeling really good at the moment. I feel more comfortable in my skin which is a huge deal for me, I can't remember the last time (if ever) I felt like this, aside from when I have been pregnant and somehow the femininity of having a huge bump overrides any bad feeling about weight and makes me feel amazing! I have been looking at some before pictures and comparing them to now and I am starting to see a difference which really pleases me! Here are a couple, one is a full body (pregnant) from a year ago and this week. The other is a face comparison a year ago and today. I hope you can see a difference too! Please let me know.

Wish me luck, and watch this space for an update on things to come, I am one excited Mama! I can't wait to have a healthy BMI, and to finally get fit and healthy to be the best I can be. Are you on a weight loss journey too? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,