August 23, 2015

My Sunday Photo - Dave The Dragonfly

We rescued this little guy (Dave) from our cheeky cats. Just look at his little face and beautiful wings!

A decided he needed some water as he looked a little worse for wear. He seemed to enjoy a paddle.

We love bugs and this dragonfly was so beautiful and fascinating to look at I wanted to share our pictures. 

Have a great week,



  1. Stunning photos, the detail is simply incredible

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Oh wow!! These pictures are simply stunning! I love capturing creatures in macro (when they stay still) as the naked eye missed so much detail x #mysundayphoto

  3. Dave is good looking! Love the details that I can see. Amazing capture! #mysundayphoto

  4. Beautiful close ups, Dave is one hella cool Dragonfly! Ray xx

  5. these are such marvellous shots. i love the close ups. and the details are amazing. very lovely.


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