Friday, August 21, 2015

Slow Down Or Let Me Get Off!

I'm always waffling on on here about how quickly time passes, but it really does and it's just pure crazy at the moment. The weeks and months just blur into one and I'm left every day wondering where the day has gone. The kids are bigger and cleverer by the second - truly an eye opener for making the most of life.

I just realised that in a few days it will be a month since baby's first birthday. In just eleven short months she will be two. I'm getting A's uniform ready for school - but thank god its just school nursery and not reception - not sure I'll ever be ready for that!

Everyone says as you get older time goes quicker, but nothing prepares you for quite how much it races by when you have kids. There is so much I want to do and see with them - so I'm really having to make the most of my time while they are both still at home.

I'd love this ride to slow down a bit, to let us enjoy this time a little longer and stop stealing away these precious baby cuddles by making them grow up so quickly! So really I'm holding out for the DeLorean to land some day and take me back for some newborn baby squeezes! Enough waffle.

Thanks for reading,