Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Globber Scooter - Review

I've mentioned before what a speed freak my son A is, with his little sister catching up fast! He was the happiest kid in the world when we received a new scooter to try from Globber. This is no ordinary scooter, but without a doubt the best quality, nicest and most well engineered bit of kit for a child we have ever had. It made our previous scooter (that we thought was a market leader) look like a cheap cracker toy. We had such a fun day on our first test drive, I thought I would share some pictures with you and tell you a little more. If you are thinking of any kind of scooter for your kids this year, give Globber all your money! Can you tell that we loved it yet?


We were sent the Globber 'My Free 2C' in orange, it's also available in five other bright wonderful colours. The 2C is suitable from age 3 upwards, with adjustable handlebars and soft rubber grip handles that are really comfortable for riding - so no rubbing on delicate skin. The steering comes from leaning right and left on the handlebars so it is super easy once you get going. A was immediately confident and comfortable on this and the quality of the wheels and build means that it has a lot more of a smooth ride and feels a lot safer. Big smiles from the off.

Some facts about the Globber 2C

  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Height adjustable handlebars from 67.5cm to 77.5cm
  • 50kg Maximum weight
  • Suitable for children over 95cm
  • Watch it in action here
  • Find out more or buy here

As you can hopefully see from these pictures, the build quality is insanely good. The wheels are soft and absorb bumps really well, the body of the scooter (the part you stand on) has a slight flex and is very hard wearing and would not shatter like my sons old scooter did when he hit the curb! There is a steering lock on the front and best of all the handlebars clip out easily which meant I could keep it under the pram, or inside a bag to get out once we had reached our destination. The fact it dismantles so easily, means that it would be great for taking on holiday in a suitcase or in the car without taking up much space. The break seemed really easy and smooth to use and having never been able to use a scooter break properly before, this one was picked up on his first try. 

I loved the fact that I could dismantle, build and adjust steering height without the need for any tools. The scooter comes straight out the box, clicks together and off you go. Even the steering height adjusts with a clip, slide and close - super easy!

Without needing the words in this review, the picture above sums up everything we feel - a huge thumbs up from us all. In short, the reasons we love this scooter from Globber are;

  • Amazing build quality
  • Easy to build/dismantle
  • Requires no tools for assembly or adjustments
  • Fun to ride
  • Easy to ride
  • Hard wearing
  • Safe to use
  • Height adjustable - grows with child
  • Easy to break (as in stop!)
  • Easy to steer
  • Goes really fast!
  • Causes a bad case of cheesy grin
I always try and think of any negative aspects I should mention in my reviews, as I like to be as honest as I can with products I am sent. With the 2C my only complaint is that it doesn't come with a matching Mummy scooter, I really really wanted a turn! Otherwise I can't think of a single negative, all good from Globber with the 2C. 

Globber make several different scooters and there is a similar model called the 2C - 4 in 1 which if you haven't seen, just take a look on their site here. It's totally genius and I think as it's from 12 months upwards, we may have to invest in this for baby speed freak for Christmas. 

Thanks for reading,